Daniel and Mary-Ann Williams Prayer Letter: Extremely Busy FallThis fall was extremely busy for us, with our traveling to and/or through 16 states! This was a combined total of thousands of miles, with safe travels all throughout, praise the Lord! We were in six Missions Conferences and had many meetings, presenting our ministry and visiting a total of 24 different churches. Many of the churches where we presented our ministry have communicated back with us their desire to partner with us in our service for Christ, and I hope and pray that others will likewise choose to do so. Of the churches we visited but have not yet presented our ministry, several of them have scheduled meetings with us for 2022.

Our spreading the Gospel wherever we are has continued as well. One example of I Corinthians 3:7 (“So then neither is he that planteth any thing, neither he that watereth; but God that giveth the increase.”) was when our family was going out for Saturday visitation with a church at an apartment complex. While Timothy and I covered six different apartment buildings in the time allotted, Mary-Ann and Hannah were only able to cover one, but Mary-Ann was able to lead three souls to Christ from that one building, while Timothy and I saw no one trust Christ that day. This is a reminder that we must be faithful to go, and we must not measure our “results” against another’s. It is God Who gives the increase; we must but go! As you work to spread the Gospel in your part of the world, please pray that we will continue to be used of God wherever we are.

Our meetings varied from smaller churches with bi-vocational pastors to larger churches with Christian schools, and most of the churches falling in between. It was a blessing to be able to spend some time with some pastors and their families, and we were humbled by the blessings bestowed upon us through those churches. Many of the churches specifically reached out to our children (of whom three are now teens!), lavishing love on them, and Mary-Ann and I thank them and you who did so from the bottom of our hearts.

While our children have had a good spirit concerning deputation, we know that it has been hard on them, losing their youth group and trading their Christian school for homeschool, working with strange school hours in non-school facilities and hotel rooms. Please pray that their good spirits will endure as the long trip continues. We do look for opportunities in which they can participate. Luke, Titus, and Timothy were able to go out for teen soul winning with a church youth group, and I was able to take them with me when I went to preach to high schoolers at a Christian school. Also, at some of the Missions Conferences, there have been other missionary children of similar ages with whom they have been able to interact, so that has been a blessing.

We are still booking meetings for 2022, with many dates still needing to be filled. Please pray that God will direct us to the churches with which He would have us partner. If you are reading this and have not yet decided whether or not to partner with us, I respectfully request that you prayerfully consider doing so in 2022. Please continue to pray for our traveling safety, as we still have thousands of miles to go! The Lord be with you all. We regularly pray for the churches with whom we have had meetings, for upcoming meetings, and that God will bless those churches through us. We ask that you do the same for us. Also, please pray for the Philippines, as it is still recovering from the recent typhoon. Praise the Lord that the work in Dumaguete was not affected greatly!


R. Daniel Williams and Family to the Philippines
All for Christ!

PS. See our updated prayer card and how the children have grown! Titus especially has had a growth spurt!