Daniel and Erin Lang Prayer Letter:  Successful Youth Meetings!What a wonderful privilege it is to serve God with our lives! His kindness and mercy are unequaled, and His love is forever! There has never been a time that He was not faithful, and I have complete confidence that He is always and only good, no matter the situation.

In our last letter, I mentioned the opportunity that we had to run 3 Missions Camps in 3 different parts of Nigeria. I want to thank the 3 churches and 1 individual that gave towards this opportunity. We were able to raise more than what was needed! With the extra raised, we can help some churches, which would otherwise not be able to come, with transportation costs. So far, we’ve run 2 of the camps, 1 in the Southeast and 1 in the Southwest. In these 2 camps, we’ve had about 170 people attend! In addition, 80 decision cards were turned in, and 16 young people stated that they believed that God was calling them to preach or attend Bible college in the future. Also, around 60 stated that they were willing to follow God’s calling in any way that He leads! Please pray, as we will be holding the third camp in the North Central Region June 1-3. We are thrilled to see what God will do with fully surrendered Nigerians!

One ministry that we’ve really been focusing on is our discipleship program. I believe that the Bible is clear that part of a Christian’s command is to teach other Christians. I have been helping to coordinate a discipleship time every Sunday night, where people gather to do discipleship lessons two by two. I try to answer any questions that come up with the material and offer different ideas that will work here so that our seminary and church members can become better disciples of Christ. Last November, we had an Academy Sunday, where the parents of our academy students were invited to church. Two of the parents who came that day have been coming faithfully ever since. In January, they asked me to come to their house and start teaching them the Bible. Since then, by going through the discipleship curriculum, both have gotten saved and will be getting baptized and joining the church soon!

Please pray, as we will be having our annual Soul-Winning and Leadership Conference this month here at Truth Baptist Church. We are praying that many pastors and workers will come and be refreshed, equipped, and gain new focus as they continue to follow God’s will for their lives. I will also be traveling again in May to start another Bible institute.

Thank you for your faithfulness in thinking about, praying for, and supporting us. We know that it takes folks like you to send folks like us!

In His service,

Daniel, Erin, Ezekiel, and Gianna