Daniel and Erin Lang Prayer Letter: Opportunities!We are grateful for God’s continued guidance and protection during this past month. I am reminded daily of how weak and frail I am. Though the world counts weakness as a handicap, Paul reminds us that it is only when we are weak that the strength of Christ is made perfect and will rest upon us!

The nursery that Erin started over a month ago is doing very well. Though the nursery is a little bit of a new concept here, we’ve heard some good reports that mothers have been able to sit through and focus on the services. Before, the small children would go to Junior Church and cause many distractions to the other kids and the workers. Erin, with the help of Victoria Holmes and Esther, a young lady who works for us, has also started a Bible Club that meets at our house every Monday. We are grateful that around 14 of our neighbor kids have gathered each week to hear a missionary story, a Bible lesson, and learn a memory verse. Please pray that children would be convicted of sin and get saved.

I mentioned in our last letter that I was starting to teach a Bible institute class. We are just now coming to the end of the six-week Bible Doctrines course and taking the final exam. Thank you so much for your prayers in this area! I am preparing to teach two more courses this spring and summer.

In April, I will be returning to Abakaliki, a place where my family and I visited and ministered in December, to start a Bible institute. I will be working with Evangelist Tunde, a graduate of the seminary. We are also traveling the first week of March to start an institute and hold revival services at two churches in southeastern Nigeria. Including flights, accommodations, food, and materials, it looks like it will take about $500 to help a church start an institute. With over 45 churches being started in the past few years through graduates of the seminary and institute in which I am teaching, we believe that helping ministries begin institutes is one of the next steps in the continued church-planting efforts here. If you or your church would like to help financially with this project, please designate any offerings to “Institute” or use fbmi.org/missionary/lang/give. I would love to answer any questions that you might have. Also, if you’d like to help, I would be glad to send you pictures, information, videos, and do whatever I can to help you connect a little more personally with the church that you help.

Thank you so much for your continued prayers and support. We know that it takes folks like you to send folks like us!

In His service,

Daniel, Erin, Ezekiel, and Gianna Lang