Dan Siemer Prayer Letter:  Thankful For . . . And of his fulness have all we received, and grace for grace. For the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ.” John 1:16-17

Jesus is wonderful. The Bible continually reveals more and more of what He’s accomplished. In a world filled with offenses, His gracious remedy for bitterness, lack of forgiveness, and so many other ills involves a return to thanksgiving.

= Thankful for the Grace of God =

This November marks 27 years of full-time missionary service, and December will bring our 40th wedding anniversary. By our Lord’s grace, everything happened that we might be born again. Since then, He’s graciously corrected, provided, prepared, called, guided, protected, and inspired. In Mesa, Arizona, for example, He worked out the place and time, leading me to two Spanish-speaking drywall workers in a huge apartment complex who listened to the Gospel and trusted Christ as their Saviour.

We are especially thankful for the faithful, like-minded supporting churches that the Lord has provided.

= Thankful for Your Prayers =

Since our last letter, God has definitely answered prayers. Driving 5,488 miles for missions meetings in Arizona and California, He granted journey mercies. When the brakes and windshield needed to be repaired, He chose the right times and places. As I prepared sermons, He guided to the right texts and truths. When I needed a break, He provided opportunities for exercise and prayerful meditation on His Word. When we witnessed for Christ, He provided hearts ready to respond. With a tight budget, He provided places to stay, gracious churches, cheaper fuel, and even tailwinds to improve mileage. With a packed schedule, He protected from injury or illness that would hinder the work. When spiritual enemies seemed too strong, He provided Christian fellowship and friendship in the process of the work. When His Spirit worked as the Word was preached, souls were saved, people were called to full-time service, and Faith Promise commitments grew. As missionary needs arose, the Lord granted the wisdom to help.

= Thankful for Your Heart for Souls =

This long trip refreshed my awareness of the challenge that missionaries face on deputation and furlough. It’s difficult to schedule meetings and to raise and maintain support when many churches are trimming their missions programs. Thank you for praying earnestly for your missionary representatives. They live by faith; but as everyone knows, bills, health concerns, and heartaches are real. It encourages them greatly when the dedication and involvement of supporting churches is so evident.

On a personal note, please continue to pray that the Lord would grant us more opportunities to serve, encourage, and help churches with their mission programs and otherwise.

That all might hear, everywhere,

Dan and Lana Siemer