Dan Siemer Prayer Letter:  It's a Joy to Partner With You!As you know, God granted five special international trips last year. Now, as we continue to prayerfully seek to know and follow God’s will, He’s opening doors for greater and greater influence. In the case of these trips, we were there to help missionaries to train and serve national pastors, workers, churches, and Bible college students. We believe this is the key to reaching these nations and beyond. It’s a joy to partner with them in God’s great work.

Our faith has been in God to provide for family and ministry needs. He’s supplied through you, our amazing supporting churches. It’s a joy to partner with you to assist and serve the missionaries on the front lines in this great work.

1. As you pray, the Lord supplies power, protection, and direction to obey the Great Commission.
a. Soul Winning: For the last three weeks in a row, we’ve knocked doors, and God has answered prayer with souls saved—despite pit bulls, winter weather, etc.
b. Discipleship: Continuing to build believers, we regularly hear expressions of how much those learning are thankful and encouraged to be growing in the Lord.
c. Teaching church planting in the Spanish Bible Institute night class, the Lord is blessing. I never thought one could have revival after 10:00 p.m., but we’re having one!
d. Training: The medical course at Hyles-Anderson College has been going wonderfully. God has blessed with the biggest class in years. They’re excited and learning, and God has been glorified as they’re preparing for effective, long-term ministries worldwide, while applying what they’re learning in their college ministries.

2. As you give, the Lord pays the bills.
a. Traveling: In April, Lana and I will be traveling to serve three missionary families in Australia and New Zealand. God’s timing is especially evident, as one of the missionary families is facing a new major health concern.
b. Serving: We continually have the opportunity to help missionaries, pastors, and others with their health- and ministry-related questions. You enable us to obtain the necessary resources and refresher training in general, travel, and tropical medicine, not to mention the spiritual resources needed to minister more effectively.
c. Multiplying: It’s a special joy to visit and serve churches in the U.S. and abroad with missions programs, trips, and conferences. In an ever-changing world, we’re seeking to find, learn, and use more tools to be more fruitful.
d. Living: We’re well into our thirtieth year of missionary service, and God keeps providing in His time for basic needs. In October, it was just the right used vehicle at the right time.

Please do pray for the upcoming trip to Australia and New Zealand and others to follow, for our health, and for God’s direction with regard as to how we can best help missionaries to train their church members, their lay leadership, and the next generation of pastors and others in full-time service. As Pastor Wilkerson says, “There’s no success without a successor.”

That all might hear, everywhere,

Dan and Lana Siemer