Dan Siemer Prayer Letter: God's Work Is Amazing!God’s amazing work

We remember the joy, years ago, of helping to build churches in Nicaragua with visiting teams. Everyone helped as we saw each church take shape! The visible, tangible work confirmed the invisible, intangible love and support of American believers for the Nicaraguan people. It’s a challenge to communicate the wonder of both these elements in a prayer letter . . . but we try!

God’s precious workers

Yesterday was intense, serving four missionary families. All are in distress, yet circumstances differ. Tangible help was given with a lot of prayer and old-fashioned effort. But what about the intangibles? What’s their situation, really? What’s needed that we can provide without meddling? What biblical principles apply? Most of all, how best to confirm and communicate genuine love and support? We pray and keep at it.

God’s essential supporters

Your tangible financial support and intangible prayers are absolutely vital. All missionaries would far prefer to have a church reduce support to a minimum than to lose support altogether. It’s because every supporting church represents the loving, intangible support of pastors and members who work alongside in prayer and otherwise for Jesus’ sake. You stand in the gap!

God’s essential blessings

In the tangible work of soul winning and training believers, we rely on the Lord to keep His promises for the intangible essentials. Recently, after teaching a lesson about spiritual gifts, a lady turned from trust in dead works to belief in Jesus Christ for her salvation. The lesson wasn’t focused on salvation, but the Holy Spirit produced conviction. God’s love draws us!

God’s open doors

The invitation to serve pastors, Bible college students, and churches in Malawi is focused on the whole Great Commission, including building believers. We’re prayerfully preparing the tangibles to teach and provide materials, and we’re also developing lessons on the intangible principles of Bible study and interpretation according to II Timothy 3:16. How greatly we need your prayers!

God’s work rather than human effort alone

Please pray for:

• Airline reservations and other preparations for this Malawi trip.
• God’s daily wisdom to serve missionaries effectively.

With our love and gratitude,

Dan and Lana Siemer