Dan Siemer Prayer Letter: God's Loving Care and Provision Over 45 Years of MarriageThis letter is written to our greatly appreciated, faithful, supporting churches. Yesterday, Lana and I celebrated our 45th wedding anniversary. We’d like to share with you some memories of God’s loving care and provision during this journey. He’s graciously proven Himself to be utterly trustworthy.

We praise Him for all He did so we might be saved and then prepared to serve as missionaries. While applying for admission to medical school, I prayed specifically for His will to be done, whatever it might be. And as we’ve prayed like this ever since, He’s led us step by step.

We can’t thank Him enough for 11 years with the U.S. Navy, opening our eyes to the world’s need for the Gospel and providing the practical skills to serve missionaries as they live and work overseas. When we started full-time deputation in 1988, He led enough faithful churches to make us part of their missionary family so we could go to the field. Now in our 33rd year and counting, you’ve been faithful. Thank you!

He’s blessed our four children as all have negotiated the challenges of life and education overseas and then back in the USA, eventually graduating from Hyles-Anderson College.

We can’t thank the Lord enough for so many enduring friendships that He’s provided as we moved from Florida to Mexico to Nicaragua, then from Florida to Michigan to Indiana. As true friends, you’ve enabled us to visit and join in on the fruitful labors of pastors, missionaries, and laymen across America and in 37 countries, while serving many others remotely. In it all, He produces spiritual fruit for your account.

And His blessings continue in answer to your prayers and ours.

1. On November 13, I had outpatient hernia surgery. By God’s grace, recovery has gone well.
2. A week later, our upstairs water heater failed. By God’s grace, we were all home, and Lana noticed the water soon after it began to flow out through a ceiling fan into the room below. Within an hour, the tank was drained, and the cleanup was done, preventing a lot of potential damage.
3. Despite the pandemic surge, He’s blessed with four saved since our November letter as we’ve prayed and gone to where they are.
4. Despite pandemic constraints, He’s blessed the students in my Acts and Missions evening Bible institute class at the church with top grades and real joy in learning.

Please pray with us as we plan and prepare for spring semester classes and missions trips, and please pray that God might raise up a host of new missionary laborers for His harvest. May young people especially surrender their pointless, self-absorbed lives for the wondrous adventure of God’s service!

With heart-felt appreciation and love from our home to yours,

Dan and Lana