Dan Siemer Prayer Letter: God at WorkThank you again for your faithful support financially and in prayer. We thought that with time, our schedule would become easier, but the opportunities continue to increase. We’re always seeking to be fruitful and to bear much fruit to your account, but we need strength and wisdom from the Lord more than ever. We thank God for you!

God at Work in Ghana

It was great to attend the Missions Mastermind and to serve missionaries from China, the Philippines, South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Thailand, Peru, the Middle East, and even the United States. Repeatedly, there were “divine appointments.” For example, a missionary wife had just suffered a fall, and by God’s grace, it was possible to help them understand the nature of the subtle but risky injury and how it should be treated. Another missionary had a child with a new medical condition, and providentially, another missionary was there with years of experience quietly dealing with that same problem. It was possible to discretely “make the connection” so effective support can be provided from now on. Another missionary offered a technical service of great value, but some struggled to understand how it worked and how it would relate to their ministries. We were able to talk it over, and the Lord gave the idea to develop a visual aid to help God’s servants overseas, missionaries and national pastors alike, to understand how the water-purification system works and why it is so important.

God at Work in El Salvador

It was a privilege to contribute to the Fuegos de Evangelismo soul-winning conference and to the host church before and after the week of meetings. God blessed with up to 230 in attendance at the meetings, and everyone was encouraged to do more for the Lord. On Saturday, it was a joy to go soul winning with Pastor Gonzalez, and we saw four saved! On the final day, we had a great talk about God’s leading to establish a strong and effective Christian school. I’d been reading and studying a book on the trip, and it was “Heaven-sent” to help them overcome some obstacles. God’s wonderful bonus? It will help me to be a better steward of time.

And God at Work in Illinois

During the few days between these trips, we were sharing the Gospel on a cold, windy day. Knocking on one door, I heard a voice respond but couldn’t see anyone. Looking up, there from a second-floor window, a man was leaning out. After introducing myself, he replied, “Don’t leave; I’ll be right down.” Opening the door, he said “You’re the one! Come on in!” To make a long story short, he’d been praying for months for God to send someone to his door, and when he heard my greeting, the Lord told him, “He’s the one.” We went carefully through the Gospel message together, and he trusted Christ as his Saviour with great joy. His girlfriend also got saved, and Lana and I brought them to church the next day, where he followed the Lord in baptism. Since then, he’s finished nine of the twenty discipleship lessons, and in the last couple of weeks, he’s been going soul winning with his faithful bus captain, a “missionary kid” from Brazil who’s now in college. God’s grace! Thanks for praying!

Please pray with us for God’s direction and blessing as I prepare to teach spring-semester classes and plan the next trips. And please don’t hesitate to contact us if we can be of any service.

With our love and prayers,

Dan and Lana Siemer