Dan Siemer Prayer Letter: Despite the Pandemic . . . As Thanksgiving draws nigh, we thank you once again for your faithful prayers and financial support. You hold the ropes as we continue to serve missionaries, pastors, and churches around the world.

Despite pandemic restrictions, the Lord enabled us to conduct Candidate School in early August. Ten missionary candidates, four couples and two individuals, received essential training and materials for deputation. When Lana and I became sick with COVID, the Lord answered prayer, and we recovered in three weeks, just in time for the intense season of work to start the fall semester at Hyles-Anderson College, the Bible institutes, and the other ministries of First Baptist Church.

Despite pandemic lockdowns, the Lord showed Himself strong, enabling three missionary families to complete deputation this fall. The Oishis will depart for Japan in November, followed by the Morrows to Tanzania, and Bro. Fisa Mihy-Mihyndu to Gabon. Praise God!!!

Despite pandemic uncertainty, we’re improving services. Earlier, I was tasked with putting together what missionary candidates need to know to best accomplish deputation. These “Deputation Essentials” became the core content for Candidate School. With Bro. Bosje’s blessing, I’m now working on a follow-up project that we’ve called “Missions Essentials.” Our desire is to clarify goals so deputation missionaries can recognize and take full advantage of God-given opportunities to grow while raising support. Ideally, they as a family will later transition to much more fruitful service on the field.

Despite pandemic regulations, pastors and churches worldwide are finding ways to reach more souls with the Gospel. I can’t thank the Lord enough for blessing the Missions Conferences and meetings in California and Arizona where I was invited to serve in October. He answered prayer with souls saved, hearts surrendered, and major increases in Faith Promise missions giving. These pastors and churches have become dear friends over the years. How I respect their faithfulness, fruitfulness, and spirit!

Despite pandemic masks, the Lord has blessed soul winning. For example, the Lord sped us down one street with closed doors and unresponsive people until we got to Austin’s house. He was about to leave but listened carefully to the Gospel and trusted Christ as his Saviour. A divine appointment!

Despite pandemic isolation, we treasure you! Without the Lord, we can do nothing. Please pray for the Lord’s provision of spiritual power, wisdom, health, love, and direction as we take advantage of the available time to improve FBMI services and begin to draft our missions trip schedules for 2021. And please pray for laborers. How they are needed as veteran missionaries finish their courses!

That all might hear, everywhere,

Dan and Lana Siemer