Dan Siemer Prayer Letter: By God's GraceGod’s grace for us: When folks ask what we do, we reply that “by God’s grace” we help missionaries to reach their fields of service, to stay, and to serve more effectively. When missionaries face a crisis, they call, and your prayers and financial support enable us to be of help.

God’s grace for missionaries: For example, I just spent time with a missionary at a local hospital. As his wife underwent critical surgery, we prayed and talked about God’s goodness to them. In less than a week, the medical crisis arose, her doctors overseas found the problem, and the need for immediate care in the United States was recognized. We spoke over the phone, tickets were purchased, and their family flew to Chicago as we made arrangements for her care. On arrival, she was evaluated by three specialists, and a place was cleared for her on the operating-room schedule. Meanwhile a paralyzing blizzard hit our area in the two days between their appointments and the surgery, without affecting either one! God’s grace! Afterwards, the surgeon told us that all his goals were realized. They are now trusting the Lord for recovery and for the further diagnostic and treatment work to follow.

God’s grace for those they serve: This same missionary family has planted a thriving, soul-winning church in their city, despite rampant crime and violence. The missionary showed me a picture of a young couple from their church with their baby. The young father had a difficult youth; but, by God’s grace, he got saved, grew in the Lord, and met his wife through the church’s influence. They now serve God faithfully, ever thankful for God’s goodness and this missionary couple’s investment in them.

God’s grace for the work: In the heart of the winter, the Lord directed and enabled us to care for several complex projects. These included improvements to help missionaries transition from deputation to the field, coordination of missionary training and services through the course of their ministry, and the implementation of updated financial procedures and reports.

God’s grace for soul winning: For months I’ve been discipling some new believers in Harvey, Illinois. In the process, the Lord opened the door to start a new series for other residents of the home. As we went through the first lesson on salvation, four realized that they were trusting good works rather than the finished work of Christ and prayed to put their faith and trust in Him for eternal life. Another man also prayed for assurance, explaining that he’d never fully understood what Jesus had done for him.

God’s grace for you: Today I spoke with a missionary couple that is suffering because of financial needs. Giving to missionaries makes a huge difference. As you follow in the footsteps of the church at Philippi, giving of your time to pray and giving financially for missionaries, we trust Paul’s words to them (Philippians 4:15-19) will be realized in your lives as God keeps His promises. Please pray for:

1. God’s direction and provision for my trip to serve Paul and Jolie Sock in Poland.
2. Opportunities to serve more churches in their missions conferences and programs.

That all might hear, everywhere,

Dan and Lana Siemer