Dan Rothwell Prayer Letter:  Unusual Weather Leads to Unusual Soul-Winning OpportunitiesHafa Adai (Hello) from the beautiful island of Guam, “The Land of Endless Summer.” Guam’s weather is generally predictable. However, since 2015 began, unusual weather patterns and weather changes have been a great concern. Our dry season was shortened by four months, and the rainy season began in March, which is unheard of, with several typhoon threats and storms for the months of March and April.

The unusual weather is a topic of discussion lately here on the island, and it presents opportunities to talk about the Lord and His ability to get our attention through unusual weather. One of these experiences I had recently was with a neighbor of ours, a retired Navy Seal, who does not seem to have much regard for God or man. He recently mentioned to me how the weather was behaving the opposite way for this time of year and said he knew Who was in charge of making it happen. That seemingly simple statement was a huge admission of his awareness of God because of the weather.

One of the most amazing soul-winning experiences of my ministry here took place recently as I led a very prestigious Chamorro lady to the Lord. She literally wrote the books of the Chamorro language and dictionary. This elderly lady holds an earned doctorate and is the mother of one of our faithful church members. For decades our faithful church member prayed for her mother’s salvation, witnessed to her, and had several pastors visit in hopes of her being saved. When she began coming to my church, we started praying for her mother’s salvation, and several attempts for me to meet her mother were scheduled and cancelled due to her mother’s poor health. Recently I was texted and asked to go see her mother immediately, because an opportunity had opened for me to talk to her. I sat down with her mother and another relative there and seamlessly transitioned into a conversation with them. After some time of establishing a rapport with them, an opportunity to share the Gospel presented itself, so I took it. Both listened carefully and intently to the Gospel and gladly prayed to receive Christ as their Saviour. When we finished praying, both were very happy and thanked me sincerely. The mother seemed noticeably and positively changed, and since that time, it has been reported that other family members have also noticed a dramatic difference in this lady as well.

For the months of March and April, the Lord used me personally to lead 35 to Christ.

Thank you for being a faithful part of our ministry through your prayers and support. The souls led to Christ and the believers helped through our church are blessings because of your investments. Please continue to pray for our health and safety, Island Baptist Church, Guam, and Micronesia.

In His harvest field,

Dan Rothwell and Family