Dan Rothwell Prayer Letter:  Hafa AdaiHafa Adai From the Beautiful Island of Guam!

Tropical storms came at an unprecedented rate. The rainy season brought 27 storms, some of which developed into typhoons and super-typhoons. At one point, a typhoon was headed to our eastern shore at the same time another one was passing by our western shore. We were literally between two typhoons. Satellite imagery revealed our tiny island could fit in the eye of the large storms. Our area of the ocean lived up to its moniker of “Typhoon Alley.” We thank the Lord for His continued protection and for your continued prayer for our safety.

For the months of September and October, the Lord used me to personally lead 47 to Christ.

A man was startled when I approached him from behind as he sat on a bench. After I introduced myself, he visibly relaxed and queried, “So, you’re not F.B.I.?” After I reassured him I was not a federal agent, he listened intently as I explained the Gospel and then purposefully received Christ as his Saviour. Immediately after we prayed, he asked, “What do I have to do now?” I replied, “As far as your eternal salvation, nothing.” He then grinned the biggest grin I have ever seen, stood up, extended his fist to give me a fist bump, and enthusiastically said, “Thank you!”

Before the man and I parted ways, I invited him to church, encouraged him to be baptized, encouraged him to live his life for the Lord, and, probably most importantly, taught him how to share the Gospel with others. Though I
haven’t seen that man again (I cannot find him), the genuine joy and gratitude he displayed when he received Christ into his heart has been a source of constant encouragement.

Island Baptist Church has experienced its best months in recent church history in regards to church prayer and answered prayer. Cancer concerns for a member turned out negative; another member’s type of cancer in remission, remained in remission; a member’s mother’s cancer shocked and amazed her doctors when they couldn’t find it—she has been completely healed; and a member’s severe stomach issues ceased and remain dormant. Though we understand health conditions are subject to change, these positive changes happened when we prayed for them as a church these past few years. Beyond prayer, our members have been faithful to a greater degree, and the overall spirit of the church has never been better.

One member’s spouse is a successful lawyer but ill-tempered at times. Recently we met and had a good conversation. He is a good chef and loves bacon and cheese in particular, though both negatively affect his health. His wife, our church member, reminds him of that fact. This man jokingly asked if I would incorporate those items in a message for his wife to hear to change her mind. After joking, we parted on friendly terms. A couple of days later, his wife called me and said she had something to give us from her husband. When she arrived, she tearfully revealed that her husband was affected by our meeting and wanted to do something for my family. He blessed us! We have been praying for the Lord to work in this man’s heart for a long time. Perhaps, humorously, the best way to this man’s heart is indeed through his stomach.

Thank you for being a part of our ministry through your prayers and financial support. Many of you have supported us since the beginning of our missionary journey when we started full-time deputation in May 1999, and when we landed on Guam, September 10, 2000. Others of you have become a part of our ministry along the way. And together, thousands of people have been personally led to the Lord on this small island in the Pacific Ocean.

Please continue to pray for our health and safety, Island Baptist Church, Guam, and Micronesia.

In His harvest field,

Dan Rothwell and Family