Dan and Lana Siemer Prayer Letter: Thankful to Labor With You for God's CauseThank you for your heart to reach the world with the Gospel as you pray, give, and go. We’re thankful to labor with you for God’s cause as we strive to be as productive as possible where He’s placed us.

Thank you for your prayers and financial support. God granted journey mercies for our conference trip to California and Arizona, directing and blessing preparation for the English and Spanish services and soul winning. Best of all, each pastor and church rejoiced to see victorious growth in their missions programs despite heavy spiritual opposition. Lana and I were again encouraged by their loving example, generosity, and faithfulness. These beloved churches remind us of the Macedonian ones mentioned in II Corinthians 8, where God was blessing, with special grace, their exemplary service to Him.

Thank you for enabling us to serve missionaries and pastors. As front-line leaders and soldiers, they’re constantly under attack, and we regularly hear from those with medical and ministry challenges. By the grace of God, His answers are forthcoming as we work and pray. Here are some recent examples:

1. Sometimes what they experience seems bizarre. We’re reminded that God’s creation is so exceedingly complex, yet it consistently follows natural laws and principles. With time, effort, and prayer, the answers become apparent. What a relief! Now we can all move forward.
2. Sometimes what they experience is humanly unbearable. We grieve with them, we do what we can, and we trust our loving and sovereign Saviour to faithfully keep His promises. With time, the wondrous, providential work of the Lord becomes evident, and their families and ministries honor God in a beautifully new and much greater way—and there will be eternal rewards!

Thank you for continuing to be forces for good and for God. We keep knocking on doors, giving tracts, inviting people to church, and prayerfully seeking to share the Gospel. Recently, my soul-winning partner and I were heavily burdened by national and international events, but we prayerfully went anyway. I remember thinking there wasn’t much hope of seeing fruit that day, but God worked. My friend led a lady to the Lord, and I was blessed to lead two men in their thirties to Him. How we rejoiced!

May our wonderful Lord bless you all in a wondrous way this Thanksgiving and Christmas season,

Dan and Lana Siemer