Dan and Lana Siemer Prayer Letter:  Thankful for the Lord's Hand on Our LivesWe’re approaching the Thanksgiving season, thanking God for what He’s done this year and especially over the last couple of months. Thank you especially for your sustaining prayers and financial support.

We were looking forward to September because we thought it would be a time to get everything ready for the October/November Missions Conference trip, but the Lord had other plans to prepare us spiritually, as we were both hit with a couple of weeks of severe (non-COVID) bronchitis. Then, as we were emerging from that, I started cycling again for exercise and, in a freak accident, suffered a bad shoulder injury, with “road rash” and a broken finger to boot. The Lord stepped in to provide a great orthopedic evaluation so we were sure surgery would not be necessary. Thankfully, the shoulder is recovering, and I’m cleared to start physical therapy.

More importantly, we determined that Lana should go with me this year, and God stepped in to provide coverage for the Sunbeam Department so she was able to do so. For the first time in these 22 years, we were able to serve the churches together. God surely blessed the five meetings in Arizona, California, and Michigan with journey mercies (6,300 miles driven), a wonderful spirit in the services, souls saved, and young people surrendering to serve the Lord full-time or in missions. All the dear pastors and churches were so gracious; one in particular took us on a fabulous, small-group trip to Catalina Island. We’re still meditating on God’s matchless care for His kids!

We noticed the Lord’s hand especially in the door-to-door soul winning. Lana and I went together, and the Lord led us to the right people who were responsive. One morning, three Spanish-speaking ladies trusted Christ as Saviour. On two mornings, we had long visits with folks, where the Lord broke down the barriers and they got saved with the hope that the Lord would also address the battles they were facing.

We’re left with the profound awareness that God is working in these troubled days in an amazing way. Let’s pray for each other that He’ll continue to work as we all respond to this pandemic and the immigration surge with compassion and the Gospel. People are hurting and are more open to the message, and God is bringing the mission field to us! May we respond with Spirit-filled obedience!

Please do pray for these matters of concern:

1. For the Spirit’s presence, power, and provision as we witness and seek to disciple believers
2. For our health, especially for my shoulder to recover and for Lana’s back problems
3. For my trip to Mexico in early December with Bro. Bosje and a small group of men
4. For the Lord’s direction as we seek to improve medical support for missionaries long-term

With love and also profound gratitude for your faithful support,

Dan and Lana Siemer