Dan and Lana Siemer Prayer Letter: Peru Missions Trip to the Amazon Headwaters RegionThank you for praying for the 18-29 June Peru trip. God brought 63 people together, under the leadership of Missionary Mark Rader and Pastor Eric Grindstaff, to serve for a week in the Amazon headwaters region. He granted a wondrous harmony as the church group from North Carolina, the groups from two churches in Lima, and the host-church group in Nauta worked together.

On Tuesday, the 22nd, we divided into six “boat routes,” which traveled to visit 23 villages on the 3 regional rivers. Negotiating the challenges, we’d reach each assigned village where we’d meet with the village leader and assemble the people to demonstrate and donate a water-purification unit. We’d then close the meeting with a Gospel presentation and invitation and an invitation for the Bible conference in Nauta the next two days. Thanks to the Lord, 1,288 heard the Gospel, and 360 trusted Christ as their personal Saviour. Wow, what a day!

The Bible conference in Nauta, entitled “Healthy Faith and Family,” followed on the 23rd and 24th. It was a joy to teach first-aid sessions and translate as others taught CPR and other topics in the health part of the conference. God blessed the preaching and teaching with more saved and 19 surrendering to full-time service. Delegates were trained to present the Gospel, and we all went out soul winning on the muddy streets, where 155 more were saved.

On Friday, before leaving for Iquitos and then Lima, we honored the staff of the Nauta hospital with gifts and presented the Gospel to them, and more were saved. On Saturday, back in Lima, we had a final, recorded first- aid and CPR workshop, which was directed to medical workers and other contacts of the two churches in Lima.

On Sunday, it was a joy to preach for the Lima churches pastored by Bro. Rader and Bro. Foust, with 3 surrendering for full-time service. Monday was especially blessed, as I met with the Peru missions team before speaking at Bro. Rader’s Bible institute and heading to the airport. A favorite memory was of winning Pedro to Christ that day. He’s the medical technician who did my COVID test for the return to the U.S. God’s hand was so clearly evident, breaking down any walls between us and giving time for a thorough presentation of the Gospel.

Please pray (1) that the spiritual momentum the Lord has granted in this very needy region will be sustained, with much progress bringing the Gospel message to those in Lima, Iquitos, Nauta, and the countless, isolated villages; and (2) that the spiritual revival of all who participated will produce much fruit in their lives and through their influence in the years to come.

That all might hear the Gospel, everywhere!

Dan and Lana Siemer