Dan and Lana Siemer Prayer Letter: Great Days to Serve the Lord!We’re so thankful for God’s provision and blessing. Thank you for being such effective channels.

In Acts 1:8, Jesus commanded witnessing, and He blesses obedience. While in Peru, we were passing out tracts and found a young man reading one. I translated as my soul-winning partner asked the young man if he understood what he was reading. Just like the Ethiopian, he said no. And just like Philip, we shared the Gospel, and he got saved. The next day, while preparing in a coffee shop to preach that evening, God opened the door to witness to the waiter. After hearing my testimony and seeing the verses God used to grant me understanding of the Gospel, he believed God’s Word and prayed to trust Jesus for salvation.

These are great days to serve the Lord. Here are some more of His recent blessings:

1. The quick trip to Peru in January was intense but greatly productive, as a foundation was laid for the big trip in June to the Amazon city of Iquitos. The Lord clarified how we can best serve the needs of the pastors, churches, and people in this vast region called Loreto. Bigger than Germany, it has 5,000 villages along the Peruvian tributary rivers of the Amazon. Lord enabling, a church group from North Carolina will meet church groups from Lima in Iquitos for a week of Great Commission service, focusing on a final conference. Bro. Foust (the host missionary in Peru), the pastor from North Carolina, and I are regularly meeting by Zoom to do the work of preparation, with the goal to develop a method and the tools that Peruvian pastors from remote regions can follow to reach their areas.

2. My trip to teach in the Bible college in Egypt in November is thankfully bearing even more fruit. By God’s grace, lessons learned are being passed on to Bro. Bosje and Bro. Snipes as they prepare to go teach in the same Bible college at the end of this month. With time, Lord willing and enabling, a valuable “collective wisdom” will develop so Egyptian pastors and leaders can be best trained.

3. The Lord’s given nine extraordinary students for my medical class at Hyles-Anderson College. Our goal is for the students to learn to make wise health choices for many years to come. Two students are missionary kids from Africa! God also blessed my night Hammond Bible Institute Acts and Missions class with five great students. Our goal is to help missionaries serve effectively and not return prematurely. Our FBMI team is working together to develop new resources for missionaries worldwide.

Thanks again for your prayers and financial support. Please pray for our health, the work of serving missionaries, our teaching and witnessing, and the pressing work planning and preparing for the June Peru trip.

That all may hear, everywhere,

Dan and Lana Siemer