Dan and Lana Siemer Prayer Letter: A Wonderful Time of the Year!May this letter find you rejoicing in the Lord’s provision and direction for your families and ministries.

As you remember, the Lord granted a good recovery from September’s cycling accident. My shoulder now has a “new normal” without activity limitations. Yet the Lord chose to take me to His school again in late December with another accident, this time with a hospital stay and a lot of tests for a head injury with a bad concussion. By His grace, I was back at work by mid-January. We can’t thank Him enough for answering prayer by limiting the harm and providing a steady recovery. As this was my first such injury, I’ve learned a lot about brain trauma and how to best serve missionaries in such situations.

This is a wonderful time of year—the Spring Semester!

• I’m privileged to teach the Acts and Missions course in the Hammond Bible Institute at church on Tuesday evenings. We have a great group of students who are capturing the material with joy.
• Likewise, it’s a huge blessing to be able to teach the Practical Medical Training class at Hyles-Anderson College. I wish all students could take the course to learn how to be good stewards of their health and also make the best health-related decisions in sickness or injury.
• The Sunbeam Department attendance is growing as the pandemic wanes, with children returning and others joining. Lana develops the program for the benefit of kids with such a variety of needs.
Knocking doors with the Gospel, it’s a joy to see how the Lord enables us to present the Gospel even when it is too cold and windy to have much of a conversation. This Saturday, a plumber listened and promised to carefully read the tract later that day. We pray for fruit as tracts are read in the homes.
Plans are in motion for another trip to Peru to continue the work of reaching the villages in the upper Amazon with the Gospel. Please pray for God’s provision and direction as we try to reach this region.

Thank you for your prayers with regard to the following needs:

1. Wisdom for the steady stream of missionary needs and requests, medical and otherwise
2. Direction for other mission trips as international travel restrictions loosen after the pandemic
3. For God to grant complete healing from the concussion injuries

With love and prayers from our home to yours,

Dan and Lana Siemer