Dan and Deb Rothwell Prayer Letter: Returning to a State of "Normalcy" in GuamHafa Adai from the beautiful island of Guam.

The island of Guam is slowly returning to a state of “normalcy.” Recently, the governor increased indoor/outdoor gathering-size capacities, dropped dining vaccination cards, and lifted outdoor mask mandates. Indoor mask wearing is now optional, except for employees, and temperature checking has ceased. It seems like a new day has dawned. The governor has stated that if COVID cases increase, she will reinstate the mandates. Guam’s election season is fast approaching, which is referred to as “Guam’s favorite sport,” and the governor is not faring very well, even among her own political party.

Since the last update, the Lord has used me personally to lead 23 people to Christ, and the Lord blessed me with two special soul-winning experiences. The first such experience was Nick, a general contractor who works primarily on military construction projects. Nick has helped us over the years with many home and church projects, but an opportunity to talk to him about the Lord never materialized. Recently, he was replacing a toilet at the church and mentioned that he was on lunch break from a construction job. He said he wanted to help my family, the church, and “our Saviour.” That opened the door for me to talk to him about his salvation. Nick allowed me to explain the Gospel to him. He said he understood and believed, and he acknowledged that he wanted to pray with me to receive the Lord Jesus Christ into his heart as his personal Saviour. Afterwards, we shook hands, and he thanked me happily. Then packing up his tools, he returned to work. What a relief it is that someone we have known for so long and have cared about so much made sure of his salvation.

The next was Fred, a family friend of many years who is a senior mechanic at one of Guam’s largest car dealerships. One morning, my vehicle would not start. My neighbor was home from work that day and outside his house at the exact time of my trouble and helped me start my vehicle. Fred ran a diagnostic test at the dealership and found my battery was not holding a charge. By the time I paid at the Parts Department and left the store, Fred was already installing the new battery. Though he tried to refuse, I gave Fred money for helping me and took the opportunity to ask him if he knew for sure he was going to Heaven when he died. He said that he did, that he had been a believer for a long time. When he said that, I believed him, and was glad to know it because it had weighed on me for a long time.

Looking for a soul-winning opportunity, I approached a man standing next to his vehicle, staring at his smartphone. After introducing myself, I noticed a lady sitting on the grass nearby and asked if they were related. The man said she was his sister and called her over. Then his wife suddenly joined us. All three allowed me to explain the Gospel and received Christ. They were so appreciative!

When the Lord uses me personally to lead some soul to Christ, it seems like I just did the most important and amazing thing. Some are spur-of-the-moment encounters, which are most of my soul-winning experiences, and others are those people I know personally and am consciously concerned for. Those are extra special because they usually take a long time. I think and pray about them, and they weigh on me, like a personal responsibility of grave importance. Please pray for my soul winning. The people I feel responsible for are those I have known a long time, and they are religious. For them, the Lord must orchestrate the right circumstances.

The Lord continues to bless Island Baptist Church. While some are off-island, the Lord blesses with visitors, who are friends and family of our church members, including those who are visiting from the States, and it has been an honor to offer them an opportunity to receive Christ. It is a blessing to see the Lord fill the seats of those who are away. God’s been good to us.

Thank you for praying for and supporting our ministry! Please continue to pray for our health and safety, Island Baptist Church, Guam, and Micronesia.

In His harvest field,

Dan Rothwell and Family