Dan and Deb Rothwell Prayer Letter: Going to Church--Rain or ShineHafa Adai from the beautiful island of Guam.

The governor has now mandated vaccinations, and that vaccination card, showing proof of completed vaccination, is required to enter certain places of business, stores, restaurants, some medical and dental clinics, places of worship, social gatherings, organized sports, fitness centers, and related activities that involve groups of people (except for political fundraisers). Even a wedding was disrupted, disbanded, and dismissed recently because the vaccination mandate was disregarded. Yet, the Lord still blesses His people for their faithfulness, and I am privileged to be called to serve Him where I can reach people from all over with the Gospel.

Since my last update, the Lord used me personally to lead 27 to Christ. I frequent two stores in a certain order, but one afternoon they were reversed, so that by the time I approached the register of the second store, all the customers had left. Seizing the opportunity to witness to the cashier, I asked her my “Pastor’s question,” but she responded instead with an emotionally charged question concerning her family member’s “unnatural affection” towards the same gender. Realizing that answering that would be a potential “land mine” to the Gospel presentation, the Lord helped me pivot the conversation back to the Gospel, to which she was amendable, and in the end, she prayed and received the Lord Jesus Christ into her heart as her Saviour. I then answered her question, and she received it amazingly well. Suddenly, customers flooded the store, demanding her attention and ending our conversation. It was evident that having the Lord in her heart before receiving the answer to her question helped her better understand the truth of it.

Island Baptist Church’s members have been faithful despite sicknesses circulating with COVID and other cold and flu variations, yet the Lord is merciful and blesses them with mild symptoms and fast recoveries. We all continue to meet, encouraging each other in the Lord and enjoying the healthy sustaining effect that it has. The young son of one of our faithful families was concerned that he would not be able to go to church, but his dad cheerfully replied, “Don’t worry, Son; we go to church, rain or shine.” That “rain or shine” faithfulness makes me so thankful for our faithful church folks.

We are thankful to be serving the Lord at such a time as this, being used of God to encourage His people and reaching and teaching those in need of Him. Thank you for enabling us to serve Him here through your prayers and faithful support.

In His harvest field,

Dan Rothwell and Family