Dan and Deb Rothwell Prayer Letter:  God Is Working at Island Baptist ChurchHafa Adai from the beautiful island of Guam!

I saw this group of people, and I wanted to talk to them about the Lord. One of them, whom I thought was a man, ended up being a woman, which I realized because a boy called her “Mom.” When I asked them if they knew for sure they were going to Heaven, the mom and one of the teenagers said, “No one can know that.” Instead of trying to convince them otherwise, I began to explain the Gospel in a question-and-answer format. They supplied the answers. They knew the answers. After quoting Romans 10:13, I asked them, “If you were to receive Christ as your Saviour, what would that make you?” And they replied, “Saved.” Then I asked them, “If you were saved, where would you go when you died?” They answered, “Heaven.” And when they said that, their faces broke out into great big smiles, and they gladly prayed with me so that they could be saved.

Since my last update, the Lord has used me personally to lead 27 people to Christ.

I was buying sweet potatoes and yams at a grocery store when a man asked me if I knew the difference between the two, because he did not, and his wife had sent him to buy yams. This opened a wide-ranging conversation, which led him to mention his mortality and fear of not being there for his teenage daughter, whom he then introduced to me. Since he mentioned mortality, I asked him if he knew for sure he was going to Heaven. He said he did not. So right there in the potato aisle, the Lord used me to lead both to Christ. Before I could invite him to church, he told me he did not go to church for personal reasons. I told him that what he and his daughter had just done was the most important thing. We talked for a while longer, and then he said, “Where is your church anyway, just in case I want to stop by?”

Island Baptist Church continues to be blessed. We put out extra chairs to accommodate more people on Sunday mornings, and the Lord is using me to be a blessing. One of the men said to me after church, “You’re doing a good job; keep doing it.” And the reason why that mattered was because this man rarely talks and is big and tough-looking, and I never would have suspected he would have said something to me like that. One of our elderly church members “drags herself to church” in whatever condition she’s in because she says she doesn’t want to miss church; her determination to come to church no matter what is encouraging and a great testimony. More people than usual have been thanking me for my messages, which indicates to me that the Lord is working in their hearts through the preaching; this greatly encourages me. I am thankful for the people the Lord has brought to our church.

Thanks for praying for us. We see the Lord working in our lives and “taking up for us” routinely. Thank you for supporting our ministry. You have a part in each soul I lead to Christ and each life influenced though our church. Thank you.

Please continue to pray for our health and safety, Island Baptist Church, Guam, and Micronesia.

In His harvest field,

Dan Rothwell and Family