Courtney Godsoe Prayer Letter: Taal Volcano Leads to People SavedThe months of January and February were busy and productive months. We saw 1,303 people receive Christ as Saviour. Included in that number were many with whom we shared the Gospel while delivering relief goods for those affected by the Taal Volcano.

Because of the imminent danger of the Taal Volcano, thousands of people were moved out of their homes and relocated over a large area. Many stayed in shelters, such as covered basketball courts and schools, and many stayed with people who opened up their homes. Those who sheltered evacuees put signs on the front of their houses stating how many people were there in hopes of receiving relief goods.

Ester and her workers put food, such as rice, canned foods, and dry noodles, along with other personal needs in bags. We would load the bags in our vehicle and look for signs where people needed help. When we saw a sign where people were being sheltered, we stopped, gathered the people together, shared the Gospel with them, and distributed the bags based on the size of the families. It was a wonderful time. People were very open to the Gospel and grateful for the supplies. What a blessing it was to be the ones who got to experience, firsthand, the joy of meeting the needs for which you generously provided. Thank you all so much. As a result of your sacrifice, many people received Jesus as Saviour and were helped with their physical needs as well. It was such a blessing for us to be your messengers and bring the help that you sent.

I recently had the privilege of speaking at the annual Philippine School of Ministry. It was a great privilege to preach and teach 13 times to the many pastors, missionaries, and lay workers who were there. One of the highlights was when Jayson Guillera, my assistant pastor, proposed to Daisy Esquilona, our church secretary, on the platform during the last night of the conference. They are both graduates of our Bible college, and Jayson is also a graduate of our Christian school. What a joy it is to see young people from our church grow up, serve God, and get married. Please pray for them and their preparations, as they have set the wedding date for October 2, 2020. I told Jayson I fully expected the Rapture to happen on October 1! Daisy and Jayson are in the picture on the right.

We recently had a Couples’ Fellowship at a local restaurant. We packed the small restaurant with 25 of our couples. They had a wonderful time, and their marriages were strengthened. The restaurant waiters and staff also listened as I taught a short lesson about marriage.

Thank you all so much for your support and prayers to keep us in this amazingly bountiful, white harvest. Only eternity will tell the result of your sacrifice and generosity.

Yours for souls,

Courtney & Ester Godsoe