Courtney Godsoe Prayer Letter:  Soul-Winning MarathonGod continues to bless the ministry here in a great way. Praise the Lord for 1,181 people professing faith in Christ during the months of March and April; 195 of these professions were during our recent soul-winning marathon. We continue to see people saved in our Public School and Jail Ministries. We recently began going to a motorcycle dealership and conducting Bible studies with the employees. One of the exciting things about the Philippines is that not only are individuals open to the Gospel, but many businesses and institutions are also open to the Gospel and the study of God’s Word. We have preached and taught the Bible in many different places and environments. I have also had the opportunity to share the Gospel with several community leaders.

On May 23, we had our fifth Providence Baptist Academy graduation, and several of our students are returning for summer school. God is using our Christian school to make a difference in the lives of our students and their families, and there has been tremendous academic and spiritual growth in our students.

We also had our seventh Providence Baptist College graduation. We had two men graduate, Jeremy Colonia and Jayson Guillera. Jayson is also a graduate of Providence Baptist Academy.

godsoeI was overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity of the folks in our church on my 59th birthday. They gave several nice gifts, a lot of my favorite snacks (that I shouldn’t be eating), and a wonderful party. At the beginning of the evening service, one of our men asked me to go out of the auditorium with him. I could hear some commotion, and I knew something was up. When I returned, they had taken my old pulpit out and put a beautiful new pulpit on the platform. They had been putting their money together for weeks and had a beautiful pulpit custom made for me. I wept when I saw it, and many of them were weeping when they saw how happy and surprised I was.

We just had our annual music workshop; I’m amazed at its effectiveness. At the beginning of the week, most of the students know nothing or almost nothing about music, and by Friday they can read music and play an instrument. This time they learned guitar, flute, recorder, violin, and piano.

We recently got the official title of our land; and, Lord willing, we will start building a concrete wall around it soon. Please pray that we can get the facilities made soon, as it will save us about $1,300 a month in rent.

We are so grateful for your prayers and financial support for all these years. Only eternity will tell the fruits of you sacrifice. Please continue to pray that God would bless your investment and our efforts in a tremendous way. Thank you with all our hearts for helping us to work in this white harvest.

Yours for souls,

Courtney & Ester Godsoe