Courtney Godsoe Prayer Letter:  So Much to Be Thankful For!We have so much to be thankful for and rejoice over. November and December were very busy and productive and a great finish to a wonderful year. We saw 1,317 precious souls saved in November and December and 7,925 saved in 2018.

We went to a large cemetery, as we do every year, for All Saints’ Day. All Saints’ Day is on November 1, but most people bring tents, blankets, food, and supplies and spend two or three days at the graves of their loved ones. It’s actually kind of like a family reunion and short vacation for them. It’s a terrific opportunity to share the Gospel, as they seem to be interested in eternal things and have a lot of time to listen.

We had a productive annual Harvest Campaign with many visitors. Several visitors have continued to attend.

We had a special third-anniversary service in our Jail Ministry and baptized 36 inmates who had been waiting to be baptized. Please pray for this ministry. Many lives have been changed. We are also reaching out to the families of the inmates and have had some of their family members come to church.

God is blessing our new work in another city with many faithful folks. They have lay workers, soul winners, and people who sing special numbers. It’s such an exciting thing to see a new work grow. One of the signs of their growth is their giving. Their tithes averaged $75 a month, which is pretty good for a new work here. Please pray for Jayson, our staff member, who has been leading the ministry there, as he prepares to ask his sweetheart’s parents for her hand in marriage!

Please pray for Grace, a young lady who is graduating Bible college this April. She has surrendered to full-time service, but her parents are not in favor of that. Please pray that God would give her the desire, will, and fortitude to follow His will for her life.

Our young people had a great time Christmas caroling during the Christmas Season and raised about $1,400 to pay for their youth camp expenses.

Our Public School Ministry continues to be amazing. Thousands have been saved, and we’ve had many folks attend our church as a result. Several of our people go to a large public school each Friday. The school actually has two shifts, so our workers are there for about 14 hours. The staff and faculty love to have us and one of the teachers even prepares food for our workers.

Please pray for our Building Program. We are excited, as we hope to break ground soon. Right now, we are waiting for an engineer to finish our blueprints and file the application for our building permit.

Please also pray for our upcoming events this year. Please especially pray for our people to keep growing. Pray that they would disciple and invest their lives in others to help them grow and be productive as well.

Thank you all so much for your sacrifice for all these years to keep us in this amazing harvest field.

Yours for souls,

Courtney & Ester Godsoe