Courtney Godsoe Prayer Letter:  Our Amazing Lord!The Lord continues to amaze me as He blesses our efforts. During the months of March and April, we saw 573 people trust Christ as their Saviour.

God is continuing to bless our work in the city of Lipa, Batangas. Jayson Guillera (my assistant pastor) and one of our college graduates, along with Daisy Esquilona (our church secretary) and Sam and Melly Naynes (a retired couple in our church), have been going there each weekend for soul winning, Bible studies, and Sunday morning services. I preached there in March and baptized 21 converts in an inflatable pool. One thing that has really encouraged the folks there is house-to-house prayer meetings where they gather at different members’ houses once or more each week.

We had a successful annual music workshop with 14 students, including children, teenagers, and one adult (a pastor’s wife who studied piano). I’m always amazed that on Monday, most of the students know little or nothing about music and are actually playing an instrument using sheet music in the Friday night recital.

The folks in our church all pitched in to reserve a local resort for a day of food and relaxation for my 62nd birthday. God is so good to me and has given us so many dear people who love and care for Ester and me.

It occurred to me that I have lived in Dasmariñas, Cavite, Philippines, longer than I have lived anywhere else in my life. The longest prior to here was in Plymouth, Maine, for 14 years (from age 4 to 18). I joined the Navy right out of high school and went to Bible college after retiring. Dasmariñas, a city of about a million people, is my hometown. I hardly go anywhere without seeing someone I know—just wanted to share that.

Thanks again to all who helped with our building project. Our building-permit application is still in progress. Please pray that we will get it soon.

Please pray for our upcoming two-week missions trip to work with our missionary in Vietnam. Ester and I will go with four of our staff members to visit some tribal works and conduct and teach evangelism and whatever else our missionary would have us do. Our staff will also teach music to church workers.

We are so grateful to all of you who have loved us, prayed for us, and supported us for all these years. Thank you with all our hearts for keeping us in this amazing harvest field.

Yours for souls,

Courtney & Ester Godsoe