Courtney Godsoe Prayer Letter:  EncouragementThank you all so much for your investment in this great harvest field. It is joy unspeakable to be a part of God’s work and to partner with His people to reach the world for Christ.

I don’t normally give a title to prayer letters, but I could label this edition “Encouragement.” Sometimes we don’t realize how God has used us. Ester and I have seen so many little things lately that have helped us realize that God has blessed our efforts for the past 12 years. As we see God using and blessing our people, it’s overwhelming to think that if we hadn’t come here, they might not be in church or even have heard the Gospel.

Our key focus for the months of June through August has been evangelism. Our people have been putting great effort into getting out the Gospel. We have had 2,872 souls trust Christ as Saviour during the months of July and August. We have been sharing the Gospel by going door to door, by visiting places of business and public schools, by witnessing on public transportation buses, and by using whatever means available.

One of the blessings we’ve enjoyed was the discovery of how our people care for one another. I was visiting one of our older ladies, and as we were chatting, she mentioned that one of the other church ladies would frequently visit her and bring food. There are many instances when someone from our church has given small amounts of money, clothing, or food to others. Our staff and college students have often told me of “blessings” someone has given them.

One tremendous area of fruit bearing has been the Public School Ministry. We have seen thousands saved and many baptized and become faithful to church, including entire families. One of the teachers from a high school we go to prepares food each week for our workers. We were recently able to get into another public high school and preach the Gospel from class to class.

Jayson, one of our college graduates, was soul winning in front of a high school while school was letting out. After sharing the Gospel with a young man, that same young man, who had just gotten saved, gathered a group of other students and used the tract he was given to share the Gospel with them.

Ester and I were overwhelmed by the thoughtfulness of our people on our 37th wedding anniversary. Without our being aware of it, they put their money together and paid for an overnight stay at a resort. It was absolutely beautiful, quiet, and restful. What an incredible encouragement from God through our people. Sometimes we don’t realize just how much we are loved and appreciated by those whom we serve and love.

Thank you with all our hearts for your prayers and financial sacrifice to keep us on this bountiful harvest field.

Yours for souls,

Courtney & Ester Godsoe