Courtney Godsoe Prayer Letter:  Church PropertyWe rejoice for the results that God has already given us this year and are excited about what He is going to do. It is wonderful to win souls where people are open to the Gospel. In the months of January and February, we saw 537 precious souls profess Christ as their Saviour. Before sharing the Gospel, I always ask if they are sure they are going to Heaven, and they are usually not sure. What a thrill it is when I ask them again after they receive Christ, and they are sure of salvation based on God’s Word.

We have been quite busy as usual this year, with two weddings, a Valentine’s Banquet, baby and bridal showers, Christian school activities, youth nights, soul winning, extension classes, men’s and women’s fellowships and prayer meetings, operating our Bible college, and running our outreach.

A very special blessing we’ve had is a visit from our youngest daughter Micah and her husband Anthony for a month. What a joy it has been to have them here. It was supposed to be a surprise to Ester, but with just ten days to go before they came, I couldn’t forbear and told her they were coming. She burst into tears and then got busy preparing for them. She also put me to work preparing a place for them to stay. I can’t begin to express the joy their visit has given us.

One exciting development at our church is the prospect of purchasing property. A bank has recently lowered the starting bid of a 1,347-square-meter repossessed lot. We have submitted the minimum bid of $53,636. This is a very good price for land in our city. After raising money for two years, we have $12,473 on hand, with another $8,002 pledged. An individual here in the Philippines has offered to loan us $11,364. We still need $21,797.

Dasmariñas is the fastest growing city in the Philippines, and there is such tremendous potential for the Lord’s work here. Property values continue to rise, as well as the rent for our present facility. Ester and I have been giving sacrificially to the work here and toward the purchase of property. We do not receive any personal income from our missions support. We are putting our money and our lives where our mouths are. Our people are praying, fasting, and giving. Our teens are collecting and selling recyclable materials. Our ladies have a small booth at a local sports facility selling food. When I see some of the pledge cards from our people, I wonder how in the world they could possibly give that much. I have promised them that if they will give sacrificially, God will step in and provide the rest. Many of you have given sacrificially to this work over the years, and several have already given toward the purchase of property. We are eternally grateful. If you could find it in your hearts to help us realize this dream by praying and giving, I know that God will bless your investment. If enough folks would give even a few dollars, we could get this property. If you would like to contact us, the most effective way would be to email me or text my cell phone number at the bottom of the page.

With grateful hearts, we thank you for making it possible to keep us here in this very white harvest field. God is so good to us.

Yours for souls,

Courtney & Ester Godsoe