Corey McDonald Prayer Letter:  To God Be the Glory!Traveling the East Coast these last few months, the Lord has been a constant deliverer and friend. We have seen His love shed over and over through fellow Christians, pastors, and friends. He’s given us meetings when there were no meetings and made water into wine. When you plan on peanut butter and jelly and He gives you a Mexican dinner . . . now that’s love.

We have been in Indiana, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. It’s a blessing to see God’s people gathering and serving in so many new places. Our ultimate goal is to be a blessing to churches, but more often than not, we are served—more than I could write about in one letter.

I am busy making calls to set up meetings nearly every day. To give me space to make calls, my wife and children take walks and have visited countless playgrounds. At one church a lady treated them to a day at the Children’s Museum. This was a great treat.

Prophet’s chambers have been a tremendous blessing as we travel from meeting to meeting, although they are not always available in the area we have a meeting. We decided to buy a tent to save on the cost of lodging. We have camped several times and been given free campsites twice. Amen!

At one campsite God placed us beside a Christian family. We were stopping over for one night before heading to a meeting on Sunday evening a few hours away. We had found a church to visit for the morning but took them up on their invitation to visit their church. They paid for our breakfast, arranged for us to present our ministry, and took us out for lunch. As if that wasn’t enough, in parting, the man and wife gave us a large missionary handshake. What a humbling experience and obvious “Go get ’em!” from God.

I had the great pleasure of going soul winning with many different church members these few months. One special opportunity I had was going soul winning with a college friend on the streets of Athens, Georgia. We were able to see 6 homeless men and women added to the fold. My friend runs the Reformers Unanimous program at his church, and we are praying they will join the addiction program and get on the road to recovery and continue to grow in God’s grace.

We will be traveling to California and Washington and then crossing the country to Michigan, Maine, and New Hampshire. We are excited to be on this journey but are praying we get back to Kenya soon. We are in a different church nearly every service. Please pray for our safety in traveling and for more churches to partner with us.


Corey McDonald and Family