Christopher Yetzer Prayer Letter:  Summer SummaryFormer

This summer has been enjoyable with the nice weather, although the people continue to be hardened to the Gospel. We know that our job here is mostly planting, but we believe that the season of reaping will come. When someone comes from the fields with arms full of the harvest, a party is set, and the people rejoice; however, it is quite different when the planters come back from long days of carefully spreading seed. There is no festive celebration, just a quiet hope that the seed will take root, receive the proper water and sun light to grow, that tares will not disturb their progress, and that in due time the fruit will come. We keep a look out for fruit that is ripe, but at the same time, we are content to be planters if that is the season we are in.


We have come across several American tourists recently. We met an American-Italian lady from New York while at a street market passing out tracts. She’d had some unfortunate things happen in her life and had not gone to church for about a year. She came to our church the next day, and we were glad to be a small encouragement to her before she went back to the States after her vacation. Then a Jehovah’s Witness man, who was vacationing from California, came with another man to have a discussion. Although the American man was very prideful, the Italian man has continued to seek an understanding of what we teach. I have met with the Italian two more times, and the meetings have progressed well. I believe his eyes were opened to the importance and necessity of every word in the Bible. At the end of the last meeting, he asked me to show him what has been changed in their Bible. Please pray for John Carlo, as it is not easy for Jehovah’s Witnesses to change because of their shunning from family and friends. Most of them are sincere people who are just following the dictates of their religion and are blinded by their religious leaders. They need someone with a tear in their eye to lovingly guide them to the truth. Compassion can open doors that knowledge alone cannot. Another time I was in the checkout line at a store when I heard the man behind me speaking English. I turned around and introduced myself. I found out that he was from Ohio but was now living in New Hampshire. I handed him a Gospel tract and invited him to church. Although he has not come to our church, I pray that he will read the Gospel and come to Christ.


The landlord of the room we rent for church services has raised our rent. For now it is a small increase, but in January it will go up more. We have discussed it as a church and realize that it is still the best deal we will find in Milan. It is not easy to find places that are inexpensive and where the other tenants do not complain about the singing and the people. Please pray with us that our church will grow so that we can afford this increase in expenses. We believe God will bring us the right people if we are busy doing His will, preaching the Gospel to the lost. We want to thank all of you for your love for us all summer long. We realize that many of you have taken vacations and prepped for school-aged children to start school, and yet you have remained faithful in giving to us. Thank you all for your monetary expression of faith in Christ and belief in the work our family is doing here in Italy.

Missionaries to the people of Italy,

Christopher, Amy, William, & AnnMarie Yetzer