Christopher Yetzer Prayer Letter: Our Baptistery Is on Its Way!God has been so good to us in these turbulent months. Just to give you a brief update on our situation, we have been meeting together in person for over a month, but not without difficulty. Because of spacing requirements, we have very little room to invite anyone else to come, apart from the faithful brethren. If things maintain this way, we will have to look for another place to meet or possibly break into separate English and Italian services. Just recently, Lombardy has permitted people to go outside without masks. As in all other places around the world, there are so many various views, opinions, and emotions attached to this situation. Added to all of that is the fact that we are only guests in this country. We are trying to be sensitive and wise concerning our behavior and how to interact with people and the situations at hand. We know that many of you are having some of the same difficulties, and we have been praying for our friends and supporters all around the world.

We are excited that we were finally able to purchase a portable baptistery from a company in the States. For those who have been following our ministry, you know how much of a joy this is for us. We have talked a couple of times about the difficulty of finding a place to baptize in the metropolitan city we live in, and with the fact that we have a higher percentage of people dependent on public transportation, it is harder to get to places far outside the city. The baptistery should arrive here soon, and when it does, we will be doing the baptism which was planned for March. Thank you so much for those of you who financially and prayerfully support us. This is such a huge blessing to us and to our church.

We also received news from our landlord that his son will be moving into our apartment at the end of our current contract. We have lived here for almost nine years and have about three years left on the contract. Things had finally seemed to fall into place for our children, with friends and activities being right around us, but we are excited about the opportunity of meeting new people, making new friends, and entering into new possibilities. Although our meeting place for our church will likely stay in the same general area, we are looking for an apartment in a smaller community outside of Milano with very little evangelical presence. In this way we might be able to have a greater impact on the community for the cause of Christ. This also means that I will have to get my driver’s license. It is another step that living in the city has allowed us to avoid, but again we look forward to the challenges and opportunities God has put in our path.

Missionaries to the people of Italy,

Christopher, Amy, William, AnnMarie, and Charlotte Yetzer