Christopher Yetzer Prayer Letter: Ministering Online in ItalyThroughout March, things had been changing almost daily here in Northern Italy, and we weren’t really sure when we could actually write a letter that would have accurate information. However, at this point, it appears that for some time, we will remain in this current condition, as it seems impossible that things could get any more restrictive.

At this point, almost the entire world is feeling the same inconveniences, so we won’t rehash the particulars of ours, but I do ask for prayer for Lombardy, the state in which we live. It has been the hardest-hit place in Italy. We had to cancel a baptism, as well as a wedding, but otherwise, all of the members of our church are doing well.

We still want to go forward for the Lord and do all we can during this time of lockdown. When I first heard over a month ago that all the schools and colleges would be closed, I immediately opened a Facebook account and started running advertising to college students and others, preaching the Gospel. We have continued to run ads and will do so throughout the duration of the lockdown. Antagonists have been the most responsive to the ads, but there have been some bright spots as well. One Filipino lady asked us, “How can someone be saved?” A lady from outside of Novara asked about finding a church in her area. Another lady gave us her phone number and said she was going through a spiritual battle and needed help. Others have asked for prayer. One lady in Milan gave us her address and wants to study the Bible, as well as a few people who said they would visit our church when things open back up. Replying to all the questions, attacks, and pleas has been very time-consuming, but we see it as a very profitable project.

Secondarily, because I now have a Facebook page, I have been updating churches with information on our current condition by that means. Feel free to friend me or follow me on Facebook. I do not normally accept requests from single women whom I do not know. If you are a missions secretary or from one of our supporting churches, please send me a private message with the church you are a part of so that I know who you are and can accept the request. My wife has my account on her devices, but I still want to be cautious. At this time, Facebook is a tool for us to preach the Gospel and minister to the lost in Italy. Things may shift as the current situation heals, but I don’t plan on being extremely active except for responding to those we are attempting to reach here in Italy, which is taking quite a bit of time.

Our family is healthy. The kids have not missed a day of class, as we homeschool, and this has been one of the healthiest years in our home with very little sickness. Thanks be to God! Thank you for loving and supporting our family in the midst of these difficult times for us all.

Missionaries to the people of Italy,

Christopher, Amy, William, AnnMarie, and Charlotte Yetzer