Christopher Sage Prayer Letter: The Lord Gave Great VictoryThank you for caring about reaching souls in Mexico through the starting of New Testament Baptist churches, in spite of the many trials and difficulties in the United States.

The Lord gave us a great victory in church on Sunday, June 6. It seems that the people in Rio Verde are more reluctant to come to church than the people in the other new churches the Lord has graciously used me to help get started; notwithstanding, 26 people came to church yesterday. Most of the families the Lord has given us to work with in discipleships and visits were represented. The people here are so sociable that the Lord used carne asada to get them to come to church. I preached from John 6 on “Jesus Is the Bread of Life.” By the grace of God, many made decisions to attend church more faithfully. One person was saved, and many have been saved in our soul winning here also.

At the end of April, the Lord graciously used me to preach in a Missions Conference in a well-established church in Rio Verde. It is wonderful that God is calling many young people here in Mexico to be missionaries. By the grace of God, the Faith Promise commitments went from $12,000 pesos a month to $16,000 pesos a month. That is a lot of money for a Mexican church. The Lord also called a young lady to be a missionary.

I received a phone call from someone in Mexico, asking if I might be willing to help a young man who wants to start a church in the state of Oaxaca. As I prayed about it and talked to Dr. Luis Ramos and the missions pastor in my sending church, it became very clear to me that the Lord wants me to help this new church, so I will be going to Oaxaca this week. An evangelist here in Mexico will accompany me. The first service is scheduled for Sunday, June 27.

The charter service for the new church in Queretaro will be Sunday, July 25. A small group from the church that has had a large part in this new work will be joining us. In August, I will be back in Rio Verde, and in September, Pastor Ramos wants me to help start a new church in a region called Huasteca.

Prices for the used vans here in Mexico have gone up drastically because of the high demand, so I have decided to wait on the purchase for now.

Prayer Requests

1. The power of God on the new church in Chalcatongo, Oaxaca
2. People to come to church in Rio Verde
3. Wisdom in the purchase of the van

Again, thank you very much for your prayers and support. It is a great privilege and honor to be one of your missionaries.

Yours for souls,

Christopher Sage