Christopher Sage Prayer Letter: The Lord Continues to Work in the New Church PlantThank you for your prayers and support over the past two months. The Lord continues to do some wonderful things here in Mexico!

The new church in Queretaro has stabilized, with a good number of people coming regularly on Sunday mornings. Since we started visiting in June, we have moved from a red light to an orange light and now to a yellow light regarding the pandemic. With more freedom to assemble, the Lord gave us 2 first-time visitors last week. Many have made decisions to accept Christ as their Saviour in our soul winning, even though not many have come to church yet. Last week, the Lord gave Pastor Aguilar and me the privilege of leading a 94-year-old man to Christ—he had waited a long time to hear the message of God’s simple plan of salvation! We have started discipleship lessons with most of those who are attending. We will be starting midweek and Sunday night services soon.

The Lord has given us good progress with the remodeling project of the house where the church has been meeting. By moving one wall and doing some other work, we can create an auditorium that will seat 70-80 people, and there is plenty of Sunday school and nursery space too. The biggest need, other than the power of God on the new church, is another house for Pastor Aguilar and his family to rent so we can start construction.

The Lord gave me a wonderful opportunity to teach in a local-church Bible institute here in Queretaro for three hours on two Saturday evenings. I enjoyed the teaching very much, and it seemed like the Lord was in it.

I am very excited about next year and Dr. Luis Ramos’ graciousness to give me an opportunity to lead a team of workers to start three to four churches, spending three to four months at each new church plant. I am hoping to buy a good, dependable used van to serve the team of workers with, and the Lord has provided $11,500 so far. The van I would like to buy will cost about $20,000 total. Thank you very much to those who have already participated. If the Lord would put it on your heart to help with this special need, it would be a good investment in church planting and soul winning.

Again, thank you very much for your love for the Lord and for world missions, and thank you for your faithfulness, even with the many trials and difficulties this year regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and the economy.

Sincerely yours for souls,

Chris Sage
Missionary to Mexico