Christopher Sage Prayer Letter:  Successful New Church Plant!It is amazing what the Lord can do when people pray and work together! Because of your prayers, He got us off to a great start with the new church in the city of Chihuahua.

The pastor of the church, Jesus Lopez, and I made a survey trip in June, and the Lord led us to an area and a building. We still had a lot of work to do for the opening on August 5, but the Lord gave us 37 in attendance and 10 workers for a total of 47. Since then we have begun daily soul winning, visitation, and discipleship.

Maybe more importantly, I have learned a lot from this church plant with regard to planning, methods, strategy, time frames, and the practical applications of principles. If the Lord allows me to be a part of a future church plant with Dr. Ramos, my contributions will be much, much better.

A team from Dr. Ramos’ church arrived on August 15th, and they will be a big help too.

The anniversaries of the three other church plants with Missionary Evangelist Steve Brockman went well also. Altogether, we preached 21 times in 25 days in 11 different churches. Over 150 people wanted to accept Christ as their Saviour in those meetings.

I had a good long talk with my sending pastor, Dr. Dean Noonan, when he was here in Mexico for five days three months ago. Working with Dr. Ramos and traveling as an evangelist and helping churches get started all over the country carries with it a much greater financial burden than simply working in the Guadalajara area. He has advised me to visit churches in the United States from September to November.

Prayer Requests

1. The growth of the people and the church in Chihuahua
2. A full schedule and new supporting churches in the U.S.
3. Wisdom and provision for future church plants
4. A great spiritual awakening of church planting in Mexico

Again, thank you very much for being a part of this ministry!

Yours for souls,

Chris Sage