Christopher Sage Prayer Letter:  Productive Pastorate of New Church PlantThank you for your prayers in regard to the pastorate of one of our new church plants. I enjoyed the past three months more than almost any other three months of my Christian life!

It was amazing to see the Lord get involved in things. It was obvious that someone was praying. The people were, for the most part, faithful in their attendance. We also had a good number of visitors come, most of whom were saved. The Lord gave us two wonderful and well-attended youth activities. We had two special ladies’ meetings also. In one of them, we went to a special ladies’ conference about an hour away. We took third place with 12 ladies attending. I got to spend the day with some of the kids so some of the ladies could attend the conference. The 16th of September in Mexico is like the 4th of July in the United States, and it fell on a Wednesday this year. The Lord led us to have a church picnic in a beautiful park near the church, and we were able to have a patriotic service in the evening also. There were more than 70 in attendance at the picnic.

Two families from the principal church in Guadalajara were a big help. One came on Sunday nights, and the other came on Wednesday nights. The ladies were a big help with the ladies in the new church. It seemed that they enjoyed the opportunity to serve and had some good spiritual growth also.

I enjoyed very much the preaching and teaching of the Word of God and every aspect of being a pastor, even if it was only for three months. Knocking on 500 doors a week and doing discipleship proved to be a challenge at my age. I think I know now why Brother Hyles never recommended anyone over 35 to start a church. It is obvious that we need a young couple to take this new church to the next level.

Please pray for me, as I have an opportunity to go to the largest Bible college in Mexico to present our ministry and talk to prospective pastors. That date is Monday, January 18. The other two new churches also need permanent pastors. Please pray for the Lord to give me wisdom in this ministry, open the hearts of people to the Gospel, and help the churches to grow.

I would also like to ask prayer for my vehicle situation. I have been without a vehicle in Mexico since the accident last December. (I found one to rent and use during the pastorate). I bought a vehicle in the U.S., but the problem is that I was not able to cancel the vehicle permission on the vehicle lost in the accident. Please pray for that permission to be cancelled.

Again, thank you very much for your prayers. It is a great privilege and honor to serve the Lord and represent you in Mexico.

Yours for souls,

Chris Sage

Prayer Requests

1. Wisdom in church planting
2. Permanent pastors
3. Growth of people
4. Growth of churches
5. Soul winning and discipleship
6. Cancellation of vehicle permit