Christopher Sage Prayer Letter: Moving Toward the Next Church PlantThank you very much for your prayers and support. The Lord has done some wonderful things over the past two months.

The last couple of weeks in Queretaro were wonderful, as several people for whom I had been praying made decisions to receive Christ as their Saviour. The last Sunday was a full house, and I had the opportunity to teach Sunday school and preach. I have never known a more grateful church of the few I have had a part in starting. They gave me a wonderful send-off. Two have already started tithing, and others are making progress. The auditorium expansion is looking exceptionally well and is nearing completion. The Lord also raised up someone to lead the singing and accompany Pastor Aguilar with the soul winning and visitation on Saturdays. The church is making good progress toward a charter service.

December 15 was the last day of my Mexican car permission, so I had to make a trip to the border to cancel it. The plan was to return to San Luis Potosi before Christmas, but the Lord had other plans. I was not able to renew my Texas vehicle registration due to a change in their laws, so I had to change my license plates to Wisconsin. The DMV offices were not open there due to COVID-19, so I had to do it all by Priority Mail. Finally, in the middle of January, I received my Wisconsin title. At the border, the Lord provided a nice place to stay, extra funds, and great soul-winning opportunities. I found the people there very open to the Gospel, and 29 people were saved in a little over a month.

Upon returning to San Luis Potosi, I found a complete red-light shutdown, as the city of San Luis Potosi had become the epicenter of a fresh outbreak of Coronavirus; nevertheless, I was able to have a nice talk with Dr. Luis Ramos after he was out of quarantine. Some things still have to be confirmed, but it seems like the Lord is leading me to be involved in a new church plant on the other side of the city of San Luis Potosi this year. In the meantime, 15 people have been saved. I have been able to visit some small remote villages on Saturdays and teach Sunday school in Queretaro on Sundays. The Lord also has given good progress in the purchase of the ministry van.

Prayer Requests

1. Clear direction for the year ahead
2. Wisdom in the purchase of the ministry van
3. The power of God on the new churches

Yours for souls,

Christopher Sage