Christopher Sage Prayer Letter: I Will Build My Church!It is amazing how the Lord puts new church plants together! “I will build my church” is His promise (Mathew 16:18).
Two weeks ago, the Lord brought together a team of 12 workers to start a new mission in Casas Grandes, Chihuahua. We hope to start a church out of it when the Lord gives us a permanent man to be the pastor. There were at least 8 churches represented among the group of workers, with the Harvest Baptist Church of Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Pastor Chris Rogers as the constituting church. In spite of opposition from Satan, the Lord gave us 24 decisions for Christ and 45 good prospects for the new church during the week of services each night, Tuesday through Friday. It is wonderful what God can do when churches of like faith and practice work together (Psalm 133)! I hope this is just the beginning of what He wants to do in Mexico. The Lord did several special things throughout the week to show His power over Satan and His favor toward us.

The first night, a man who was celebrating his 77th birthday came to the service. That same night, he celebrated his new birth into the family of God!

We would appreciate your prayers for this new project, as we have started with one service a week on Thursday nights. The Lord has given me the honor of serving this new mission until they have a permanent full-time pastor.
The new church in the city of Chihuahua continues to go forward. That is where I am still spending most of my time. We are planning a charter service in May and our first anniversary and Missions Conference in July.

Prayer Requests

1. A full-time pastor in Casas Grandes called of God
2. Workers to visit and help each week in Casas Grandes
3. Growth of the people and church in Chihuahua
4. God’s provision for Bible Clubs in Casas Grandes the last week of June, many saved, and new families in the church

Again, thank you for your prayers and support.

Yours for souls,

Chris Sage