Christopher Sage Prayer Letter:  Base Established for Church PlantingThank you for your prayers and support for the church planting. It is truly amazing how great God is and the great things HE has done in the church planting here!

After much prayer, seeking counsel, talking to many different people, exploring many different possibilities, and after spending time with and praying with my sending pastor, Dr. Dean Noonan, I am sure the Lord is leading me to base the church planting out of the state of Morelos. I will be working with Pastor Alex Ramirez and the Mount Abarim Baptist Church in Cuernavaca, Morelos.

Mexico is on the verge of a spiritual revival, and it seems obvious that the Lord would want me to invest my life in starting new churches. I worked with Pastor Ramirez while he was the Bus Director for the Spanish Ministry in Hammond, Indiana; and he also has a great vision and burden for initiating churches in Morelos. The church in Cuernavaca is a strong church with many people resources for the new churches, and it is ready to take a step forward in this way.

I have scheduled a trip to the United States to get some extensive dental work done in late September. Right now I am packing up my house in Guadalajara and getting my affairs in order here. I will make the move to Cuernavaca in November. I have still been soul winning every day and helping with the new churches as I have had opportunity. During Brother Steve Brockman’s visit here in July and early August, over 200 people came to Christ. The pastors of the new churches were encouraged, and the believers were edified.

If you would like to get involved in the starting of the new churches, the best thing you can do is pray. All is vain unless the Spirit of God comes down and God Himself gets involved and builds His church. The following may help you pray:

1. Pray for wisdom.
2. Pray for God’s power and moving in the hearts of the people.
3. Pray for financial support for the new church plants.
4. Pray for God to provide extra support in the next month or two for moving and relocation expenses.
5. Pray that I will adjust to living in Cuernavaca and working with the church there.
6. Also, please pray for a full schedule in October and for new supporting churches.

Yours for souls,

Chris Sage