Chris Yetzer Prayer Letter:  Stoica Family MovesFormer

I am starting this letter out with some important information about the Stoica family who was planning on starting a church in the city where they lived here in Italy. We had been traveling to their town to pass out tracts and go soul winning in an effort to help Bro. Stoica start a church. They received news that a father-like figure of his in Romania was dying. After winning him to the Lord over the phone, Brother Stoica and his family took off for Romania, putting family above his other responsibilities. While in Romania, a small revival was taking place within the family. People who had been closed to speaking about the Gospel for many years were now open. This loved one of theirs requested Bro. Stoica to come and pray for him several times a day and sing songs about Jesus. The Stoicas stayed in Romania helping the family and giving all they could for a month. When they left to return to Italy, the man was in decent health with the possibility of living for up to a year or more. Unfortunately, on their way back to Italy (just a few hours later), they got a call letting them know that he went Home to be with the Lord. After this sad news, they returned to find that they no longer had jobs. After searching for work for a month or so, they have moved on, as the Lord has provided jobs in another area for both of them. We believe that anywhere the Stoica family goes, they will be faithful to the Lord and serve Him. We are just sad to see them go.


Our efforts in the town where the Stoicas lived were not in vain. Three people have trusted Christ from that area, and hundreds of others received a tract and a Gospel witness. Just two weeks ago, a man from that area was baptized in our church, along with another lady that same Sunday.

During a recent Italian holiday, we invited our church over for a meal and games at our apartment. We enjoyed a nice meal, and afterwards I was able to share the Gospel with three Peruvians. Thanks to a young Ecuadorian man in our church who helped translate into Spanish the plan of salvation, all three of them bowed their heads and called upon the name of the Lord. We praise the Lord that the Gospel crosses all cultures, languages, and nationalities. God is no respecter of persons.


Almost every day Jehovah’s Witnesses are walking the streets near our house, attempting to earn some brownie points with God, and where are all the Christians? What if God had never given a Commission to go? Would any Christian, out of love and appreciation for what God has done for them, share the Gospel with someone else? We have much work to do; time is short, and the laborers are few. We thank you for your financial demonstration of love for our family and for your indirect blessings through prayer. God is faithful!

Missionaries to the people of Italy,

Christopher, Amy, William, & Ann Marie Yetzer