Chris Williams Prayer Letter:  Waiting in a Bus StationIn November we had a great time in the Houston, Dallas, and Fort Worth areas. We attended missions conferences, an anniversary service, and regular meetings. We gained additional support and one promise of support once we reach Peru. While visiting in a needy area in Houston, we saw two ladies trust Christ. We have felt God’s leading all the way and are happy to allow Him to lead.

In December we went to Mexico to visit two churches and also visit family. Our bus was delayed at the border due to heavy traffic. It took four hours to get through instead of the usual one hour. This caused us to miss our connecting bus, and we had to wait an additional five hours in the bus station for the next bus. While sitting there, we noticed a man hanging around who did not look like a traveler. Irene went over to talk to him and witness to him. He was waiting for one of the ticket salesmen who would give him money for a meal every night, but the salesman was too busy to talk with him. Irene found out that his name was Gerardo and that he had been saved while serving time in jail but had fallen back to his old ways after being released. Three days before we met him, he had been praying to God to show him what to do, as his life was a mess. Two days before we met him, someone had talked to him about getting back in church. The day before we met him, someone had talked with him about his salvation. Then Irene talked with him and made sure he was saved and told him he needed to go to church. He was almost crying when he left with money for a meal and the realization of the overwhelming love God had showed him by answering his prayer, not just once, but three times. He made the decision to go back to church and live his life for God.

During our visit we took a side trip to a town called Nombre de Dios. They are well known for their gorditas. While waiting for our order, a boy came up to us asking for food. We were able to give him physical food and also spiritual food. Luis trusted Jesus Christ that day. Additionally, the food took so long to prepare that the car battery went dead while we were waiting because the headlights had been left on. While Irene’s sisters looked for some help in getting it started, we talked to a blind man sitting in a doorway beside where we had parked. He also trusted Christ as his Saviour. We love divine appointments!

After our time in Mexico, we flew to California to spend Christmas with our other family. We were able to visit three new churches while there, as well as enjoy a great visit with family. We were thrilled to be able to visit both sides of the family this year since it will be a rare occurrence in the future. Thank you for your part in helping us to reach Peru!

Your partners in Christ,

Chris and Irene Williams