Chris Williams Prayer Letter:  Relying on GodGod has been blessing us with meetings, especially considering that many are short-notice. Since our last letter, over $300 of new support has been promised! We are going full speed ahead in our deputation and relying on God to guide our way. We still have many open dates but are working hard to fill them. We have stayed entirely in Texas during this time and will be spending most of the rest of the year here as well.

We were able to utilize our time in Alvarado, Texas, to make several needed repairs to our motor home. We had to replace both our refrigerator and our toilet due to the complete failure of each. Both are specialized for RV use and cannot be replaced with conventional items. For example, both are built to be very light. The toilet uses about one pint of water per flush and weighs about five pounds. The refrigerator uses an ammonia-based cooling system, which enables it to run on propane or electricity. Because they are specialized, they are more expensive. Central Baptist Church in Alvarado found out about our need and decided to have a special offering to help us out. Praise the Lord! All the needed funds were provided, and everything is now working great again!

We have had the opportunity to go soul winning and bus calling regularly with Central Baptist Church while basing out of Alvarado. We sometimes don’t realize how much we miss regular fellowship with people we know until we experience it again. While we always go out soul winning, both with churches and on our own, it’s always better to go with people we know. We miss being in church and knowing who the regular members are and who are visitors, knowing who the people are that prayer requests are given for and everything else that comes with being a member of a good church. We are thankful for this chance to recharge and refresh and are ready to head back out and face the unknown. We look forward to our arrival in Peru and having the same fellowship with our people there.

Your partners in Christ,

Chris and Irene Williams