Chris Williams Prayer Letter:  A Little Bit of God's LoveWe want you to know that we are keeping you in our prayers and pray that God will bless you as you continue to live for Him. We appreciate your prayers and want you to know it is not one-sided. If you have any specific prayer needs, please let us know.

We are now settled in our new motor home, and we love it! It has been easier to drive around and is also much more economical. A fellow missionary told us, “The Lord must really love you because He gave you that RV to use.” We do feel loved because His provisions have been so amazing. The Lord has been so faithful to us through our deputation journey. Our faith has grown because of it.

We had a productive time in March and April. We attended several meetings, multiple conferences, and traveled over 4,000 miles. We started in Texas, visited in Tennessee, moved on to New York, stopped in Connecticut, then New Jersey, and then made it back to Texas. We had two churches take us on for support, and more are considering us.

In New York, we were able to visit with friends of Irene from the time she lived in Western New York. In Connecticut, we were filling in for a pastor friend while he was away at his son-in-law’s ordination service. We were able to take the time while there to visit New York City and the Statue of Liberty. I had never been to New York City before, so it was an experience to remember. We were able to ride the train, subway, and ferryboat and walk around the city a bit. We actually ran out of tracts to hand out during our visit.

While stopped for the night at a Walmart in Tennessee, we saw a couple working on their car. Things were not going well for them, so I offered to help. While helping, we were able to witness to them both. They both said they were saved but had fallen away from church. We were able to encourage them, both with words and with actions, to get back in church. We were able to point them to a good local church and share a little bit of God’s love with them.

Your partners in Christ,

Chris and Irene Williams