Chris Williams Prayer Letter:  God's Divine AppointmentsWe are happy to report that things have been going very well for us! Our support level is increasing, and our desired departure date is getting closer. We are currently traveling through the South. It has been hot, but God has provided clouds for shade and nice breezes much of the time. Many churches have offered the use of electrical hookups so we can have air conditioning.

We have had two more churches take us on for support. We are very grateful to both of them for partnering with us. God is always faithful in providing all of our needs.

During our recent travels, we dropped in unannounced at a small church in Florida and received a special blessing. The pastor greeted us when we entered the church a few minutes before the service and found out that we were missionaries. He seemed excited about this and asked if I would mind saying a word in the service and, if God led, possibly preaching as well. I told him I would be honored to do so.

During the service when he announced to the people that I would be telling them about our burden for Peru, he gave a surprising story. When he had been ready to sit down to study for the Wednesday night Bible study after working a very long day, the Holy Spirit told him that he didn’t need to study because someone else would be preaching. He said that he believed it and did not prepare. As the service drew closer, he had no idea who was going to preach until we walked in the door. I did preach for him that night and tried to be an encouragement to them. We had an amazing spirit in the church that night, and all walked away blessed. God definitely still sets up divine appointments.

As we visit and go soul winning in many different areas, we realize that the need is the same: people need Christ! We continually pray for a desire in people’s hearts to seek Him and to be open to the Gospel. We were able to win a few young people while out visiting. Praise the Lord for soft hearts!

Thank you for your prayers,

Chris and Irene Williams