Chris Williams Prayer Letter:  We Can See the Light at the End of the TunnelWe started out August with church visits in Illinois and then a conference in Iowa. We were able to reconnect with some old friends in both states and also made many new ones. We were extremely spoiled by the people of Marion Avenue Baptist Church in Washington, Iowa, during their conference. We had a great time with them and enjoyed the great preaching! One of the things I had the opportunity to do during the conference was to attend a golf outing for the missionary men. I was partnered up with Missionary John Hays. Bro. Hays created a water- purification system that is designed to be used in impoverished areas to provide safe drinking water, while allowing the water of life to be spread at the same time. He has been working with our team in Peru to provide systems for use in the jungle areas. These filters have been opening many new doors for our team to be able to spread the Gospel. I was able to get to know him while having a great time golfing.

After Iowa, we traveled back to Texas so we could fly to California. This trip was made so that we could go to Reno, Nevada, and be a part of a Commissioning Service at Lighthouse Baptist Church. This was the first Baptist church I attended and is the earthly reason that I am where I am today. It was an amazing service, and we are so glad that they want to have a part in our ministry. My parents were able to attend, which made it extra special to me. While there, we were also able to visit with my cousin who lives there.

After returning to Texas, we attended another missions conference. While out visiting with them, Irene was able to lead a mother and her two adult daughters to Christ in Spanish. They had heard the Gospel in English before, but since English was not their first language, they were able to understand the Gospel better in their native language. We then went to Missouri for another missions conference, where I had the opportunity to speak to a teenage girl named Haley. She and her mother have been visiting many churches, looking for a church home. Haley decided to trust in Christ as her Saviour! We are hoping that she and her mother will soon visit the church we were visiting with and find the church home for which they are looking.

Two more churches have decided to partner with us, and several others are still in the decision process. As of now, we are at 93% of our needed support and hope to be able to let you know the date of our departure to Peru in our next letter.

Your partners in Christ,

Chris and Irene Williams