Chris Williams Prayer Letter:  Blessed SummerPraise the Lord! Our support level is increasing! Two new churches have made the decision to partner with us in our ministry in Peru.

Irene had the opportunity to make a visit to Mexico with Missionary Carrie Suhl. She works with BEAMS and distributes Bibles to pastors and missionaries at conferences in Mexico. They attended a conference in San Luis Potosi, which Pastor Luis Ramos was hosting. There were over 2,000 in attendance, including about 200 pastors and missionaries. Each pastor and missionary was given, free of charge, 10 Bibles each with the specific purpose of giving them to new converts. They are so happy when they are given the Word of God for their people!

While at this conference, Irene had the great surprise of meeting her former pastor and his wife from the time she was in university. This was the pastor who gave her a grounding in good biblical doctrine. Irene had not seen them in over 25 years and had not had any communication with them during that time. They were so happy to learn of her call to be a missionary and to find that she was still faithful after all these years. It was a great reminder to always keep praying for those whom you have influenced in the past. You never know what God has planned for their future.

After this conference Irene was able to visit with her family briefly before returning with Carrie Suhl. Carrie is a veteran missionary who was widowed 18 years ago and has continued to serve God faithfully in Mexico. While basing out of Texas, we have been staying at her parent’s ranch and have gotten close to the family. A pastor who lost his wife a couple of years ago started courting Carrie, and they decided it was God’s will that they get married. We were excited to be able to be a part of this wedding. We were able to make their wedding cake and take wedding and reception photos for them.

We will be leaving Texas soon but will be returning in November for additional meetings and conferences. Our meeting schedule is filling up, and we will be quite busy for the next couple months with a large amount of traveling. Please pray for traveling mercies and safety while we are out on the road. Also, please pray for open hearts at the churches we will be visiting. Thank you for faithfully praying for and supporting us through our deputation.

Your partners in Christ,

Chris and Irene Williams