Chris Williams Prayer Letter:  6th Anniversary ServiceThe church in Surco, where we are working, celebrated its 6th anniversary at the end of May. We had a great day with our guest speaker, Pastor Richard LeJeune from Connecticut. We had a lot of visitors, with many of them getting saved, and 3 people got baptized! Irene had 26 kids in the Junior Church, which is a record.

We met a lady named Brangely on the street in the area where we go soul winning. She was selling candy while carrying her baby and had several other children around her. Irene started witnessing to her, and she trusted Christ! The next day, Brangely came to church. She brought her children, her husband Junior, and a niece with her. Junior was already saved, but her niece trusted Christ. On Monday, Junior came to work at the church and did some painting. They desperately needed the work, and we were able to be a help to them.

There are many families like them that have come from Venezuela due to the problems there. They often need a little help getting started because they usually come with nothing. They are very open to the Gospel, and many of them are getting saved through our church soul-winning programs. It is getting colder as we enter our winter months. While soul winning on the streets is a little harder, it is also a time to be able to show God’s love to the less fortunate people who are having a hard time.

I saw the need for more people to learn the basics of shooting and editing videos for use in their churches. I was able to offer two, half-day classes at our office for anyone interested in learning. More than 10 people came for each of the classes from our Surco and San Gabriel churches. While I practiced my teaching skills in Spanish, the people learned about using video media, including how to use basic and advanced camera settings, the use of lighting, how to compose shots, and the best practices for editing and delivering a completed video. We had a great time and have the hope that it will help produce more and better videos in the future, both for our team and for our churches.

Luis Arbe, a man I was able to lead to Christ a few months ago, came and got baptized. He is a man who lives in a recovery home and sells candy on the streets to support himself. He is having health issues and would appreciate your prayers on his behalf. Thank you for helping us reach people like Luis, Junior, and Brangely. They and others like them now have eternal homes in Heaven due to your support and prayers.

In His service,

Chris and Irene Williams