Chris Sage Prayer Letter:  Terrible AccidentGod has a purpose in every seemingly negative event in our lives, and it is a wonderful thing that we can always be grateful and know that He is in control, as I Thessalonians 5:18 tells us.

There was a terrible accident on my way home from the border on Thursday, December 18. There was a family of four with me in the vehicle; the children were eight and six years old. We were about five hours from home around 8:00 at night when the right tire of the trailer went flat. We were on a national highway with a speed limit of 68.35 mph (110 km). The traffic was very congested. There was a van full of people just a few feet—maybe even inches—behind us in the right lane. I was not able to use my brakes immediately because of the traffic and high velocity, and by the time it was safe to use the brakes, the vehicle was completely out of control. We hit the retaining wall on the left and turned over while coming to a stop. By the grace of God, no one was hurt, and there were no other vehicles involved. The trailer was full of Christmas gifts for the children’s home.

Sage1So far since the accident, the tow-truck driver and two other workers, the insurance adjuster and his wife, and a few others have been saved because of the accident. Yesterday I went downtown to the insurance office and preached on the buses and went soul winning on the way. Twelve people made decisions.

My personal vehicle, a 2004 Trailblazer, was totally lost in the accident. I arrived back in Guadalajara on Friday night, December 19, and I have been walking or using public transportation since then. It seems that it would be best for the cause of Christ to get another vehicle. Please pray with me specifically for this situation. After talking with my sending pastor, Dr. Dean Noonan, and with Pastor Murillo, it seems that the Lord has given clear direction as to what vehicle to get and how to proceed. However, the insurance is not much, and I still need to raise about $3,500.00. Please pray that, just as the Lord seems to have revealed His will, He would provide out of the abundance of His grace. If you could help, I would be grateful, souls would be saved, and God would be glorified.

Please continue to pray for our church planting. We still need permanent pastors for the two new churches and the new church plant this coming May. Thank you for your prayers.

Yours for souls,

Chris Sage