Chris Sage Prayer Letter:  Provision for Church Planting!The Lord has done some wonderful things over the past two months. Souls have been getting saved, and the Lord called a ten-year-old boy to be a missionary in one of the meetings!

The Lord has given some good direction in regard to the church planting and permanent pastors for the two existing churches. I had the privilege of attending a missions conference where I met the son of the president of the largest Bible college in Mexico. He also serves as an evangelist and assistant pastor in the same church and has a team of 50 Bible college students who help get churches started. He gave me the names of 5 married men who are recent graduates of the college and well qualified to pastor a church. He also offered to come to Guadalajara with his evangelistic team to help get a church started. Wow! The Lord has everything under control. Please continue to pray for the visit to the Bible colleges in Mexico this coming semester.

Please continue to pray for our church planting. Guadalajara is a large city the size of Chicago, but it did not have a New Testament church until about 25 years ago. For $300.00 a month, we can fully support a Mexican national so that he can plant a church. We would like to support each new church plant for two years and then move that support to another new church plant. We also need chairs, pulpits, amplification (if possible), and keyboards, among other things. We would also like to be able to buy land and build a building when each new church is ready. Please pray for the Lord to put these things together. He is well able to do so, and He is the Lord of the harvest.

I would also like to ask you to consider taking on our Church-Planting Ministry as a part of your Missions Program. If we had 6 churches supporting us at $50.00 a month, that would equal the $300.00 we need to get a new church started.

I will be returning to Guadalajara on Tuesday, December 16. Crossing the border and traveling in Mexico are always a concern. Please also pray for those in our children’s home as we approach Christmas; pray that Christ will be formed in them and that the true meaning of Christmas will burn in their hearts this year.

Again, thank you very much for your faithful prayers and support. It is amazing what the Lord has been doing! I hope that you and yours will also have a wonderful Christmas.

Yours for souls,

Chris Sage