Chris Sage Prayer Letter:  New Church StartedDear Praying Friends,

Thank you for your prayers and support. As April showers bring May flowers, so March 23 brought the birth of our first new church.

It is amazing to see the Lord work, and it is amazing to see the people of our church so excited about starting new churches! We have had well over 50 people involved in getting the new church started. The Guadalajara area has over 7 million people and very few independent Baptist churches. Wow! What a great privilege and honor it is to be a missionary and involved in church planting!

With much gratitude to Dr. James Beller, we are using the same method of church planting that Shubal Stearns and the Separatist Baptist Revival used many years ago. We have a family or two from our church sit as a church and help the new churches get started. I also am helping the new church get started.

We also got a new midweek soul-winning group started on Tuesday nights in March, and we have had an average of 17 soul winners each week and 122 people saved. The total of all souls saved since I got back to Guadalajara on February 7 has been about 450.

I met Julio Cesar about three years ago, and he and his two daughters have been attending our church off and on since. At first his father, mother, and the rest of the family, who were very Catholic, were very closed to the Gospel. I made a visit to the family in March. Amazingly, because of the change in Julio Cesar and our prayers, most of them got saved, and many of them have been attending our church faithfully since. Julio’s dad was baptized on March 30.

Again, thank you very much, and please continue to pray for the new church, the soul winning, and our upcoming 25th Anniversary Conference April 28-May 4.

Yours for souls,

Chris Sage