Chris Sage Prayer Letter:  New Church Plant!Thank you for your faithful prayers and support over the past two months. July saw another new church started, and the people in the home church in Guadalajara have been very involved in the two new churches. Many have been saved!

The Lord led us to a small town of about 20,000 people near one of our children’s homes on Lake Chapala. The first service was July 17, with a total attendance of 124; 55 of those were new people from Tizapan, and 34 were saved. We are only having midweek services there for now until we have a permanent pastor, but the midweek attendances have been 56, 59, and 45 (in the rain!) since the first service. Most of them are from Tizapan, and the people are asking when they can have services on Sundays!

We had a “Big Day” at the new church in San Agustin, and the Lord gave us 130 in attendance on July 20, with over 100 first-time visitors from San Agustin. A good solid family has also joined the church, and they have been very active.

Prayer Requests

1. The new church in Tizapan
A. A permanent pastor
B. Bro. Tony Gonzalez as he guides the church in its initial stages
C. A larger facility in which to meet—there is a very nice place available that we would like to be able to rent. The cost would be a factor.

2. The new church in San Agustin
A. A permanent pastor
B. Evangelist Carlos Hernandez as he pastors the church for now
C. A larger place to meet
D. Financial support and a vehicle for Pastor Hernandez

Please pray for me also, as I will be leaving again to make a trip to raise funds for our children’s homes and Church-Planting Ministry between August 27 and December 16. I hope to be out of the United States all of 2015, but the financial needs here are enormous. I had this trip planned for a long time; however, I have not had much time this year to make phone calls for meetings and places to stay as in years past, so I would appreciate your prayers for a full schedule and places to stay, as well as for the home and church planting.

Again, thank you very much for your faithful prayers and/or support.

Yours for souls,

Chris Sage