Chris Sage Prayer Letter:  Great 2015!I hope that you and your family had a nice Christmas. I have been reflecting on 2015. It has truly been a great year, and I am rejoicing in all the wonderful things that God has done, much because of your prayers.

On Saturday, December 6, I had the privilege of preaching during our missions conference at the principal church in Guadalajara, and the Lord gave us 8 children and teenagers who surrendered their lives to be missionaries! Wow! All the glory be to God!

In 2015 I personally had the privilege of leading 786 people to the Lord Jesus Christ; another 1,102 were saved in the groups that I have served, and the Lord also gave us 2,125 souls in the special rallies at the new church plants in May. That makes a total of 4,013 souls this year. Obviously, not as many are following the Lord as I would like, but pray for us.

In 2015 I also had the privilege of serving as the pastor in one of our new church plants. That was one of the most enjoyable three months of my life!

Carlos Hernandez is back at the church in San Agustin. He has done a tremendous job getting the church started there, and he seems content to work with us on church plants in the future. We need a larger place to meet and a permanent pastor in San Agustin.

Rodrigo Gutierrez is doing a wonderful job at the church in Tizapan. The church is averaging 50-60 each service and growing little by little. They recently started a Christian school and Jail Ministry. Their first wedding will be in February. They need more room for people, so they are building a place on the current property that will seat more people for the services. We also need a permanent pastor in Tizapan.

In 2015, the Lord also led us to start a new church plant in Angamacutiro, Michocan, a neighboring state. It is amazing how the Lord has put it together! Jesus Hernandez is doing a fine job with the church there. It is about three hours from Guadalajara.

The thought of starting 25 new churches is challenging, but we serve a God of the impossible. Please pray for us. It seems the Lord is leading us to our next church plant in a very ripe area of Guadalajara. There is much to do in helping the new churches get going, seeking permanent pastors, and preparing for future church plants. Please pray for the Lord to give me wisdom as I lead this ministry; pray that I would fall more and more in love with the people of Mexico and for the power of the Holy Spirit.

Again, thank you very much for your faithful prayers and support.

Yours for souls,

Chris Sage